NKJV Prophecy Bible {A BookLook Bloggers Review}

Hagee Prophecy Bible

I’ve never considered myself to be interested in prophecy.  I’ve always been the kind of girl who felt like I had enough to think about without worrying about the future, and because the church that I belong to teaches that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture, I’ve just never seen fit to study prophecy.  Then, last year, I studied Daniel and Revelation through my Community Bible Study and I realized that studying prophecy gave me a much bigger picture of God and who he is and what his plan for the world is.  I realized how self-centered my life was and how much I needed this picture picture of how big God is.

So, it was with anticipation that I received the NKJV Prophecy Study Bible, 2015 Edition: Understanding God’s Message in the Last Days for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers.  This is an updating of a Bible that was originally published in 1997, and I can’t compare the two because I don’t have the original Bible, but I can say with ease that this Bible is jam-packed with information.

There are eight major groups of prophecy study helps in this Bible.  They are categorized as follows:

  • The Top 20 Questions About Bible Prophecy–These answer the questions most frequently asked about prophecy and end time events, starting with answering the question, “How Can I Know Bible Prophecy is Accurate?”
  • Diamonds for Daily Living–These are a series of 40 devotions drawn from the Psalms.
  • God’s Great Promises–This is a series of articles that explore the covenant promises found in the Bible, especially significant are the promises that God has made in Israel.  This series starts with an article entitled, “The Idea of ‘Covenant’ in the Bible.”
  • God’s Great Salvation–The theme of salvation runs through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  You can trace this theme through the Bible starting with “Forbidden Fruit and Lost Innocence”
  • Evidences–This is a series offering an apologetic for the Christian faith, and this series begins with the article, “The Uncaused Cause of Everything Else.”
  • Spokesman for God–The prophets of the Bible spoke God’s word.  We can use this series of articles to learn about the main prophets and their messages.  This traces all of the major and several minor prophets all the way from Moses to John the Baptist.
  • Bible Insights–This is a collection of articles that provides additional information about the Bible, its people, its times and its prophetic message.  These articles include such topics as “Dreams and Visions,” “Paul’s Major Teachings,” and “The Millennium.”
  • Bible Prophecy Charts–There are 16 charts of on the key aspects of the Bible prophecy, including the prophecies of Daniel, the Tribulation, times of the Gentiles, the Rapture and the Millennium.

There’s a ton of material here and it’s organized in such a way as to make it easily accessible and fun to explore.  I feel like I’m always finding a treasure here and there as I explore the Bible.  I enjoy reading the NKJV translation, and it’s been a pleasure to spend time with this Bible.  I actually intend on using it as my primary Bible for now as I continue to explore the articles, charts and maps contained within.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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