This Week

This week was a good, steady week of work.  My vision of what we can accomplish versus what we actually accomplish is way different though.  I might have some unrealistic expectations.  After all, we are a home and not a school. 🙂

Rose continued working through Reading Kingdom and Spelling You See This week.  She seems to be enjoying both, but if she misses days, then she has trouble being frustrated.

We also read aloud The Princess Curse this week, and it’s a beautiful story that Rose and I enjoyed very much.  Firecracker said it was boring though, and in the beginning it did move a little slowly for him.


Bennett continued with The Fun Spanish this week.  He really does think it is fun.  If you’re going to work through a workbook, it should at least be one with lots of silly sentences to translate.

He also went back to working on Cursive Logic this week.  I’ve been letting him pack it into his study hall back for Bible study, but he’s been forgetting it, so I started making him do it at home this week.


Everyone worked on math this week.  After the review, they all decided to go back to the beginning and work their way through the whole program.  That’s why there’s so many kindergarten and first grade ribbons.  After all, I only have one kindergarten student.  I figure they could all use the review.

ctc math

The little kids went back to working with the letter G this week.  We talked about a “g” verse, traced the letter G, found Gg in a paragraph and made toilet paper roll goats.  We’re back to using Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool for them, and I love how fun and gentle it is.

Preschool Letter G

The little kids wanted to do some Halloween crafts this week, so we made handprint vampires and footprint ghosts.  They were really pleased with how they turned out.


We also spent part of the day at a leaf identification class this week that we were able to do through the county extension office.  It was lots of fun, and Rose especially, was really excited about the time we spent doing that.

leaf identification

We also did CBS and our CBS lessons and we did our AWANAs verses and went to AWANAs this week. Taekwondo also took place, and fun was had by all three of the children that take classes.  Lately, I just feel so busy and like we never accomplish half of what I hope.  Do you ever get the same feeling?


One thought on “This Week

  1. I feel the same way. With the children getting older, they do lots of study but have less to show for it, apart from journals and essay writing.
    And I am needing to help the older ones so less gets done with the younger ones. Ah well, it’s just another season I guess.

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