This Week

This week was not a bookwork focused week.  We worked on a couple of things we needed to work on for reviews, but other than that, the only bookwork we did this week was for Community Bible Study and our history program.

We did manage to go on a couple of field trips that different ladies in our local homeschool group had organized.  The first field trip was a trip to Carlton Farms.  They have a lovely hayride where we’re able to feed cows, as well as a petting zoo and a fun playground.  They also have a wonderful corn maze.  This year it’s cut in the shape of the Muppets, and it was fun to guess which Muppet we were in and what part of their face, hair, etc. we might be walking through 🙂  We really spent an good four hours there because the children loved the corn maze and the playground so much.  It’s one of their favorite places to visit.

Carlton Farms

We also went to Hillcrest Orchards in Ellijay this week on a field trip.  It’s apply picking time in North Georgia and all the orchards are open for field trips and U-pick visits.  We went with a field trip group that was organized by a different local mom than the one who organized the trip to Carlton Farms.  We spent a couple of hours there, and the children had lots of fun.  We also bought plenty of apple cider, apples, and fried apple pies to bring home to snack on.  We learned about different aspects of apple picking, cows, life a hundred years ago, and we got to feed goats, and hold kittens and baby chicks.  We even got a wagon ride and a self-guided trip through a museum that they’ve built that shows the process of growing apples.  It’s a fun trip, and it’s perfect for the whole range of ages of children that we have.

Hillcrest Orchards

The boys were a little disappointed that we left Hillcrest without staying for the pig races, but it was rainy and I wanted to get back to our house so we could get the little kids to their Taekwondo class.  To help stave off disappointment and because we were really hungry, we stopped and had a little lunch at the Zaxby’s before we headed out.  It was a good time for the five of us to just be together and a good day for me to just a more fun Mom than I sometimes am.


The main school subject we worked on this week was history.  We finished studying the Code of Hammurabi, and we began to study the Hyksos invasion of Egypt.  As a part of our study we read Pepi and the Secret Names: Help Pepi Crack the Hieroglyphic Code.  It’s a really great picture book that deals with the animals that are part of Egyptian lore and also gives your child puzzles to crack using hieroglyphics.  We also studied a little about chariots and the history of the chariot as it relates to ancient Egypt this week.  These are some pictures that the children colored online of a representative chariot.


I can’t remember if I mentioned it last week or not, but I received a lovely puzzle of beach houses from my secret angel/encourager at church.  The girls and I worked really hard on it and put it together this week.  It was beautiful 🙂

puzzle building

Here’s some other things we finished this week.  I know I mentioned we were doing a little Halloween coloring and some comic strip making last week.  We continued with that at the beginning of this week.

Firecracker has spent a bunch of time on Pinterest and You Tube watching tutorials of folding an origami Pikachu, and he has been very busy folding several models of his own, both for himself and for the little kids.

We’ve also been using Eat Your U.S. History Homework: Recipes for Revolutionary Minds.  It’s a cookbook of recipes from early American history for kids, and Rose and I cooked up the Thanksgiving succotash.  It was surprisingly delicious


The following collage is another miscellaneous collage.  Rose and I collaborated on making a botanical coloring page into a wooden plaque.  I have a bathroom that is themed purple, and I think I’m going to hang it in there.  It’s pretty nice for a first attempt.

Firecracker has been learning about the concept of “eyewitness” in his AWANA book, and he had to write four sentences about something he was an eyewitness to this week.  So, he wrote about our trip to Carlton Farms.

Rose and I have been working an praying through Romans 12:14 this week.  Rose has a “frenemy” for lack of a better term, someone who she’s in a group of friends with who is sometimes nice and sometimes mean to her.  We’ve been working on praying for that child and for Rose for wisdom and kindness to deal with her.  Along the way, we’ve also been praying some for her relationship with her brother and sisters.

I’ve also enjoyed taking pictures of the little kids falling asleep in the strangest places.  I’ve had to wake them up pretty early for all the field trip fun we’ve been having (and our Wednesdays we have to get up early anyway), so they’ve been falling asleep against their will sometimes!!

miscellanous 2

I thought I’d leave you with a couple of pictures that I took of the little kids this week.  They’re growing so quickly, and I feel so blessed that I’ve gotten to have this time of them being little together.  I know I’ll turn around someday soon, and they’ll be big kids like Firecracker, so I’m spending all the time I can enjoying them as little right now.

Little kids

I guess that’s it for this week.  Next week isn’t quite as fun filled on the calendar, so who knows?  We may even have a bookwork productive week 🙂


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