Living Waters {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Living Waters

A few months ago, we got to review a couple of DVDs in The Design of Life series for  Ever since, Firecracker has been asking me whether or not there were any more DVDs in The Design of Life series that we could watch.  So, when the chance came up to review Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth, the third film in The Design of Life series, we were incredibly excited to get an opportunity to watch the film and tell you guys what we think about it.


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About Living Waters

Living Waters is a rich and beautiful exploration several species of ocean life.  They discuss dolphins and how their body structures are built for echolocation.  They give us amazing statistics on how they can find the tiniest things in large amounts of water, just by using echolocation.  They spend extensive time examining how it works and how the structures of the dolphins’ bodies are built perfectly to use dolphin’s sonar location system.

Then, they move along to sea turtles.  We start to  see their instincts and their incredible ability to navigate the ocean to find the right places that they need to be in each season and how they determine where to lay their eggs.  The share with us how much of that sense of direction must come  from the turtles having their own magnetic compass built into their heads. It’s amazing to watch how they travel from Mexico and Central America to the Dominican Republic at different times of the year. (And the pictures of the baby turtles crawling out of the sand are just too cute to miss!!)

We learn about salmon.  They are born in freshwater, and live in the ocean until the time comes for them to lay their eggs.  Then, they navigate back to the freshwater they were born in, mostly using their sense of smell to navigate. As they discuss the salmon, we also see the most beautiful views of different streams and the salmon movements.

Then, they come to the final animal that they examine the humpback whale.  They examine the mammalian structures, perfectly adapted for the sea.  They share the cooling system that whales have to keep their sperm the perfect temperature for reproduction.  They share scientific research on how much time it takes for two complimentary adaptations to evolve.  Then, they share the evolutionary biologists’ theories on how long it took for whales to evolve from a more land based mammalian animal.  It doesn’t take much math to realize that the two different numbers don’t make much sense.  I don’t want to give the movie away, so let’s just say that the whale is a creature that defies evolutionary theory.

Our Opinion

This is really a lovely film.  Beautiful footage, knowledgable experts, and interesting and helpful animations.  My husband and I found ourselves very interested in the DVD and we enjoyed it’s viewing.  My 10 year old enjoyed the DVD, and I noticed that my younger three faded in and out of the background and watched bits and pieces of it, so I think I would have faired better with them if I had played it in smaller increments.

It’s packed with information, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be using it again with my children.  Because there are several different animals covered, I think it would make a resource for an ocean life unit study, and it would be great to play the segments and use them for study as you’re focusing on a particular animal.

Overall, this is an excellent entry into a great series.  If this type of documentary isn’t in your usual viewing genre, make sure you check out all the other genres of DVD that carries.  Crew reviewers were given several choices of DVDs to review, so be sure to check out the other reviews to see some of the great selections from Review No 2Crew Disclaimer


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