This Week

This week was a week dominated by blood moon madness.  It rained all weekend, and we didn’t get to actually get to go out and see the eclipse, so we improvised and watched it on television.  The children were still magically awed and excited to see the moon on the television.  The talked about it excitedly, wrote in their journals, drew pictures, and got all excited.

I had to smile because Monkey worried that the eclipse meant the end of the world, and he consulted me and his Grandad for advice about whether or not it  really was the end of the world.  I guess something like that is a little scary as well as exciting when you’re five.blood moon

We also enjoyed thinking ahead to Halloween.  It was fun for us to start pulling out Halloween themed shirts, dresses, etc. and to start working on Halloween themed coloring sheets and crafts.  Monkey, Owlet and I began coloring some things we’re going to use as decorations 🙂

The little kids even got their Halloween costumes on order, along with a order of part of the stuff that Rose needs for Halloween.  It’s a very exciting time of the year.


I printed out a few Halloween themed dot to dots, and that led us on a hunt to find some fun and challenging dot to dots to work on.  The three younger children all worked on dot to dots on and off all week.

dot to dot

Firecracker worked a little more seriously than anyone else this week.  He added a couple of new pages to his Pokemon notebook.

pokemon notebook

He also reviewed some concepts and earned a couple of new certificates in math.


Firecracker and Rose also worked on their Surfing the Net: Science.  They’re working through a chapter on amphibians, and part of their assignment this week dealt with drawing a frog’s lifecycle.


We also read a couple of books together.  We read Whatever After #6: Cold As Ice.  After some of the longer, more serious books of mixed up fairy tales that we’ve been reading, this one was shorter and much more lighthearted to read.

We also read The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History.  We received the book as part of one of Firecracker’s Loot Crates a couple of months ago, and it’s been an interesting read though some of the less well-known, and oft-times not fully developed, comic book characters through the ages.


Speaking of Loot Crate, Firecracker and Rose each drew comic book panels to enter in the newest Loot Crate monthly contest.  They’d really like to win the Tardis Plushie that Loot Crate is giving away.

comic strips

Here’s a few miscellaneous things from our week:

1 & 7 show Monkey and Owlet both in listening ears hats that they made for the call of Samuel at Bible study this week.  Aren’t they cute?

2 is Rose with here newest sock doll creation.  She made a caterpillar that she called Wormie.  After playing around with it a couple of days, she gave it to Owlet to play with.

Number three made me laugh this week.  Firecracker received a behavior/chore chart at Taekwondo this week, and Monkey and Owlet didn’t receive them.  They were so jealous that they had me make them their own so they could earn smiley faces too.

Number 4 are some cards I made for some review games of things that we’re learning at CBS.  We’re studying Matthew this year.

Owlet is still enjoying cup stacking, even after three months of using them.  She had me take a picture of her newest creation.

Number six is Firecracker writing in his literature notebook.  He’s been writing very complicated Pokemon battles as the main part of his writing recently.  I’m just always thrilled when I see him writing.


I had one more thing to share.  I’ve went back to doing activities from Easy Peasy All in One Homeschooling with the little kids, so we worked on G and the sound /g/ this week.  They were so taken with G and the /g/ sound that they even colored their goats /g/ /g/ /g/ green.

G is for Goat

I think that’s about it for this week.  You may have noticed that there’s a little less formal schoolwork this week.  If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that we morph between completely interest-led times and times when we are very heavy with Crew reviews.  We’re transitioning to the end of the Crew year (because we don’t have that many daily use products left to review), and so you’ll see some of our interest-led and relaxed learning pick up.


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