She’s Almost a Teenager {A Bethany House Review}

She's Almost a Teenager

My eight year old daughter often acts like she’s eight going on thirteen, so when I got the opportunity to review She’s Almost a Teenager: Essential Conversations to Have Now, I decided it was a chance to get ahead of the curve and start having the discussions with my husband about how we’re going to handle these conversations that will accompany the transition to the teenage years in my daughter.

The book covers the topics of: the big picture, friends, academics, body, faith, boys, money and technology.  The book is led by Peter and Heather Larson, two parents who are in the thick of the tween and teenage years with their daughters.  Throughout each chapter, there are also boxed-off additional advice from some older parents, David and Claudia Arp, who have already raised their children and can look from the long-term/big picture perspective on a topic as they give advice.

There are many great nuggets of advice in the book, and I think that many of the topics that they address are actually ones that most parents do get around to addressing with their children in many ways, so much of the advice is actually going to be on things that, when the time is right, the conversations will flow naturally.  Still, it gave me a few areas to think about as Rose continues to grow and develop and we want to start laying our ground rules and ideas in a proactive kind of way.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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