This Week

This week was an exhausting week.  Our church had missions conference this week, so we were at church until late every night.  That meant that this week was not the most the productive week.  We got in some Taekwondo, and we also did some bookwork as though, so I have a few pictures and progress things to share.

We read the book The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone as part of our Egypt studies.  It was interesting to me, but the kids weren’t that interested.

We also finished reading Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China that we reviewed for the Crew.  I, of course, cried throughout the ending, and we all found that it was a wonderful book.


We worked on our Middlebury Interactive Spanish.  We finished up a unit on Family, and I feel like the kids know the words well.


Firecracker continued working on his Fun Spanish workbook.  It’s really a pleasurable experience for him.  I’ve been glad to see the giggles he’s getting out of this.

fun spanish

The kids worked on our Veritas Press Old Testament and Ancient Egypt history as well this week.  We’re being introduced to the second intermediate period in Egypt, and as a part of that we’re learning a lot about mummies.


Firecracker also started working on two different science programs this week.  The first is Nutrition from Standard Deviants Accelerate.  The other is Surfing the Net Science from The Critical Thinking Company.  He’s barely started either of them, so I can’t hazard an opinion yet, but he loved the SDA science last year.


The kids also decided to work on some plush toys this week.  The one on the left is an AWANA Sparky.  The one on the right is Luigi.  I think they both turned out cute, but I’m especially impressed with Sparky.


Firecracker got his LootCrate for this month, and it had a Pikachu hat in it.  The best crate ever!!

We’ve been watching lots of football.  Rose drew her Daddy a smack talk note about the Saints since that’s her favorite team and her Daddy had been making fun of them because of their losing ways.

We did a little math too, and Firecracker got a new certificate.  Rose worked on Reading Kingdom, but I didn’t take any pictures.


I guess that’s about it for the week.  I’m kind of tired, so this week is going to be very short and matter of fact. 🙂


3 thoughts on “This Week

    1. Rose did an awesome job drawing the pattern from Monkey’s Sparky book and everything! He was so excited that she “helped” him make it 🙂

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