Garden of Praise Prayer Journaling

I’ve realized that I’m in need of some fresh techniques for working through prayers with the children.  Sometimes it feels like my children’s lists of prayers and things that they want to prayer about amount to little more than a Christmas list for Santa Claus or a wish list for a genie to grant.

So, I’ve been highly influenced by reading Praying in Color Kids’ Edition: Kid’s Edition (and the adult version too!), and I’ve found that drawing and coloring as I do my prayers has quieted much of my restless, visual sense that can’t focus on just one thing for long enough to sit and pray.

I decided to begin to use some ideas that I found in the book and fuse them with prayer prompts that I find in my Matthew teacher’s guide for Community Bible Study to create some prayer ideas for my children (and maybe a few for the children in my class).

I had seen a prompt in my Matthew teacher’s book that asks students to create a concert of praise where each student adds something that they praise God for.  In my head, as I read that prompt, I began seeing a garden of praise.

Today I praise you for

It ended up being a very easy thing to do and an easy way to focus on Jesus.  Rose and I both began by making flower centers.  We started with centers like “Family,” “Your Power,” “Jesus” and “Animals.”  Around the center, we added words that related to the center of the flower on petals.  For example, under “your power” we added petals such as, “king,” “over death,” over government,” etc.  Then, after the flowers are added, we would color the flowers as we prayed again over the things that we wanted to praise God for.

From my experience of using this for a week with Rose, I would suggest that if you’re doing it with an elementary-aged student like Rose, you should aim for one flower per day, making five or six flowers for a week.  Then, the last day could be spent coloring the flowers or background and making a final prayer over each thing you added to the praise flowers.

Garden of Praise Prayer Journaling

This ended up being a technique that Firecracker considered a little too girly to try, but it was a big success with Rose, so I’m going to be putting it into our list of occasional prayer techniques to use.


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