Wonky and Tapple {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Do your children like games?  Do you hope as they’re playing games to find ones that are fun for the whole family and educational too?  If you’re on the market for fun family games, look no further than USAopoly!!  They have games that are often so much fun that you’ll forget that they can be educational too!  We recently received the opportunity to review two of their games, Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone.

About Wonky

7f2320bd-adf9-4756-af54-cf401fc4accf_zpsjoviqjqrWonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game is a game of cards and block tower building strategy.  The game comes with a deck of 54 cards, 9 blocks in the colors blue, green, and purple and a nice storage bag that you can house everything in.  The game has you dealing out a hand of cards to each player and the cards they play tell them which blocks to stack.  Stacking is also a work of strategy as the blocks are not simply straight-sided, but each block has been created with different slopes and angles on its surface.  The winner is there person who runs out of cards in their hand first, and there’s a card drawing penalty for making the tower fall.

I played this game with both my eight year old daughter and ten year old son.  It’s the type of game that requires the ability to balance cubes, so as you might can expect, it was a little more difficult for my eight year old that it was for my ten year old.  However, we had a blast, and we usually played at least two or three hands of cards at a time when we played.  There is an art and strategy to stacking the blocks and keeping them from falling.  However, because some of the cards in your hand may be duplicates, sometimes you’re just waiting for the tower to fall so that you can play more cards.  It’s a fun family challenge.  I would know it was time to quit, however, because after a while they could get very frustrated at keeping their tower from falling.

Caught Cheating at Wonky

About Tapple

Tapple20Fast20Word20Fun20for20Everyone_zpsvdov2ssbTapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone is a game I can say certainly lives up to it’s billing.  The game consists of a wheel with letters on it and a built in timer.  There are 36 cards included.  These cards are double-sided with both an easy and a harder side of categories (2 categories per side), making for 144 categories included in the game.  The game does require 2 AA batteries to run the timer, and it has a very nice little storage space for your category cards in the bottom of the wheel, making this an easy game to play with minimal parts.

For the game, you pick a category off the card you draw.  Then, you say a word in that category that starts with the letter, press the letter down and press the red button.  The red button gives each player 10 seconds to find a word, and if the buzzer dings before the player finds a word, they are out for the remainder of the round.  The tapple wheel has 20 letters of the alphabet and omits the letters Q, U, V, X, Y, & Z because these are the least used letters in the alphabet.

This game was a game that we were able to include the whole family in because even my four and five year old loved it.  I did find that I often took the timer off for them or let them reset the timer because they’re still learning beginning letters for many of their words.  It wasn’t long before we were even creating our own categories for the things we were interested in, like Pokemon or My Little Pony related themes.

Think Fast with Tapple

Our Final Opinion

These were two really fun games.  They’re games I would have wanted to buy just to have fun with, even if they didn’t have educational applications.  I especially love Tapple because it’s a great party game where all you have to do is to pass the wheel around.  I can imagine some serious educational opportunities for it as well as some great adaptations for use with the middle school/high school group of students that I minister to in Bible study.

Wonky was also a very fun game.  It’s great for a couple of hands with a special two or three people.  As long as you’re prepared to laugh as you bring the tower down once again, it’s a perfect game for family fun and great for building winning strategies.

I’d heartily recommend these games to anyone!

 USAopoly Review Crew Disclaimer


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