This Week

This week felt extremely busy.  Actually, now that homeschool days at museums, kids’ club, art lessons and other things are in full swing, every week is starting to feel very busy.  It makes me appreciate those productive bookwork type weeks that we had so many of over the summer.

We had a homeschool day this week at the local art museum.  It was on transportation, and I’m going to actually share a little more in depth in a post tomorrow, but it was a great time of learning and fun for all four of my kids, especially the three oldest children.

Homeschool Day at the Booth

We had kid’s club this week too.  Our lesson craft was on the compass rose.  As Firecracker was the only one who actually knew how to put one together and put it together accurately, it was a much needed lesson on directions, and it’s one that I probably need to follow up on!!  The finished product though was very pretty.

Kids Club

We also chose to get a little busier this week as three of our children started Tae Kwon Do lessons.  Owlet and Monkey are both in the little tiger preschool program and Firecracker started his white belt classes this week.  Here’s hoping that they all really enjoy it.  They were all excited about the first week though so at least their having fun for now.

tae kwon do

We also went on a walking tour to learn more about some of the historic buildings in our downtown area.  It was a very cool trip, and I’m always amazed at how much more their is to learn about my little town.

Walking Tour Downtown Cartersville

In addition to that, we had our weekly CBS and AWANA times.  At AWANAs, they had Kona Ice instead of their usual game time, so I had some very wound up and excited children on Wednesday night.

We had some fun times and productive times at home too.  We finally finished reading The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden together.  What surprised me the most over the past couple of weeks as I’ve shared it with Monkey and Owlet has been how it’s description of heaven has made heaven the kind of place that Monkey realizes that he wants to go to.  Children have such tender and wonderful hearts, and I’m grateful that I got to share this book with him.  Rose also loved its beautiful pictures.  She’s been flipping through the book since the day we received it looking at its pictures.

We also finished reading the book series that Rose has been in love with over the past couple of months. Of Enemies and Endings had a little too much romance and boy/girl mini drama in it for me as a children’s book, but there’s no denying that the story was great and I enjoyed the series almost as much as Rose did.  I did catch her trying to cheat on me in reading though.  It’s okay.  I tried to cheat and read ahead on her a couple of times  but she always caught me!!

I’m really delighted that she’s picking it up and trying to read it at all.  She’s still working through Reading Kingdom and Spelling You See B, and I’m very impressed by how she suddenly has the confidence to start really reading and writing her words.  She’s working hard on reading and spelling right now, and I feel like, in some respects, it’s really starting to come together for her.


The kids managed to do math most days this week.  Rose and Firecracker both earned certificates.  Since they’re both working below their grade level (because it’s more fun), I’m requiring them to do multiple lessons a day, so they’re earning certificates pretty fast.  Monkey is working on grade level, and he’s doing great with the program.  He’s working on some different things with counting and color words this week, but no certificates.

CTC Math

Firecracker continued working on his Pokemon notebook this week.  He is very motivated to do his required math and reading as well as the Spanish workbook he’s reviewing early in the morning so that he can devote any extra time he has later in the day to his Pokemon research.  It’s fascinating to see what a self-motivated young man he can be because I really wouldn’t have said that he had it in him up until now.

pokemon notebook

And speaking of the Spanish workbook he’s reviewing, The Fun Spanish Level 1 continues to be fun for him.  He really likes to draw, so this is a great way for him to pick up some Spanish, especially as he likes the silly sentences.

I’ve already decided that because of the art element, I’m going to use it with Rose in a few months.  She, Monkey and Owlet are all three using the Middlebury Interactive K-2 online Spanish, and it’s a little below her level.  Still I want her to finish the Middlebury before she starts The Fun Spanish because I’m giving her reading in English time to develop a little more.

The Fun Spanish

We worked on learning about Matthew 1 & part of Matthew 2 for Community Bible Study this week.  We memorized Matthew 1:21, and we started a new prayer journal for each of the older children.  I really like the way that it’s working out for us, and I look forward to continuing to work through them in the coming months.  I’m going to share a technique that I worked on with Rose this week in a post on Friday, so come back to hear more about that.

prayer journals

I had a couple of random pictures I snapped this week.  I got one I really liked of three of the children working in their literature notebooks.  Rose had done some copywork and already finished, but the other three children like to illustrate their notebooks and sometimes get fancy with the story as well, so they were all together working when I took this picture.

I took a picture of Rose dusting our living room ceiling fan.  The dust was bothering her.  That child obviously gets it from her Daddy because I don’t have the cleaning gene!

My mother-in-law gave the children some Halloween themed window clings this week to put on our glass doors, and Owlet and Monkey have had a wonderful time playing with and organizing the clings.


It’s also football season again which means that I spend a little more time in front of the television watching my favorite (and even some of my least favorite) teams.  I also spend more time watching Hubby and the kids play Madden together.  While I watched I’ve been working on a couple of cross-stitch projects this week that I think are going very nicely.


It ended up being a great week, and I think we’re all learning a lot too!!


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