This Week

We had a great and relaxed Labor Day weekend.  After several weekends of pursuing summer fun, we were ready for a weekend where we stayed at home.  Hubby worked on some of his chore list this weekend, but other than that we stayed home and played board games.  The most important and long-lasting one was Monopoly.

board games

The big kids have started taking monthly homeschool art lessons at a local art museum. This month, they worked on self-portraits and learned about Leonardo DaVinci.  I really enjoyed being able to pick them up and find out what they learned about.  Sometimes it’s nice not to be the teacher 😉

self portrait

Firecracker continued working on his Pokemon notebook.  He’s really enjoyed the work lately, and has been very productive.

Pokemon Notebook

His salt crystals from his chemistry class really took off and grew this week.  They actually looked quite impressive as we watched them grow.

He also started a review of a Spanish workbook called The Fun Spanish.  The Spanish is silly and fun, and he loves it!!  I’m highly impressed by how much fun he really is having with it.


Rose also has a new review item that’s going very well.  She’s reviewing a reading program called Reading Kingdom, and I’m happy with the progress that she’s making and her eagerness to sit and do the work with it.

Reading Kingdom

Rose also painted a scene from her favorite book that we’ve read recently.  It was nice to see her inspired to sit and paint. 🙂

We continued working through our history program this week, and we studied the famine in Egypt.  We also read Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of Ancient Egypt.  I loved it, and the children liked a few of the stories.  Mostly, Rose was really negative about the whole book before we ever started, so reading it was a little exhausting.


Monkey continued working and “earning ribbons” on CTC Math this week, so that made him happy.  He also found himself closer to a dog at my mother-in-law’s than I’d ever seen him get this weekend.  I had to take a picture because I’d never seen him get that close to a dog before.


It ended up being a very good and relaxing week.


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