Super Teacher Worksheets {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Super Teacher Worksheets

Learning tends to be pretty freeform in our house, and we discover many concepts informally or in an order that doesn’t always rely on a scope and sequence.  However, occasionally, I get the urge to go back and review concepts that we’ve covered or to test out their understanding of things that I think that they either know or need help learning with.  Maybe I even want to fill in a gap.  That’s where Super Teacher Worksheets comes in.  I received an Individual Membership from them for review purposes, and I knew that I was going to be able to use it in so many ways that I couldn’t wait to get started.

About Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is a site that contains thousands of worksheets and printable activities.  These activities cover all subject areas and stretch from preschool students all the way through some middle school activities.  They even have generators where you can make your own worksheets.

Worksheets are themed by subject area, concept and theme for your browsing pleasure.  However you can also search by topic and by CCSS standard, making this a powerful tool for a teacher.  It also makes it a powerful tool for a home educator as you can look for worksheets, learning tools, and games in almost every subject that an elementary aged child would ever need.

Monkey Begins an Alphabet Book

How We Used Super Teacher Worksheets

We started out by using Super Teacher Worksheets with Monkey and Owlet.  They’re both still a little shaky on their alphabet, so we started making an alphabet book that they could color and complete worksheets working on letter identification and practice writing their letters.

I also extensively used phonics worksheets with Rose, working on reading and writing words with some of the blends that her spelling program was having her learn.  We also worked with some the math concepts that Rose has had difficulty with, including me printing out almost every worksheet that the website has on Odd-and-Even.

I also enjoy a good seasonal printable, so we worked on fall word searches, making a scarecrow, math worksheets with mystery pictures and all sorts of fall reading comprehension.

For Firecracker, I worked on concepts related to the math that he’s been working on, such as graphing coordinates and figuring perimeter as well as reading comprehension.

We also attend a Wednesday Bible study co-op where I’m required to send the kids homework to sit and do during their study hall time.  Because so much of my children’s main school work involves computer programs, I was able to go straight to Super Teacher Worksheets and print worksheets related to their work on the computer for them to do on Wednesdays.  (That alone makes it worth the $19.95 annual price tag for me.)

Apple Sums

My Opinion About Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is a real time saver.  Before I started using it, I would often spend hours searching Pinterest or the Internet for the best printable to illustrate the concepts that I needed worksheets for.  Those printables might be free or they might cost a few dollars here and there, but the big expense I had was in time.

Discovering Super Teacher Worksheets has been such a blessing for me because now all I have to do is go to the website, decide what concepts I need to print out worksheets on, search and start clicking and printing.  What was hit-or-miss or might take me several hours is now a simple process.

I have also not had any complaints from the children about doing the worksheets.  They have worksheets that are very fun and some worksheets that are more drill like.  However, most of the worksheets are well accepted around here because they are quick to complete, and they build knowledge in such a way that, as learners, they’re never surprised by a sudden increase in facts or trick questions.  The teacher has control over what they need to do with the worksheets.

My older two also really love all the fun reading comprehension stories that I’ve had them do.  Firecracker especially loves the non fiction pieces I’ve found him in the fifth grade reading comprehension.

Typing this review even reminded me that I meant to go look for some 3D shapes worksheets for Rose because she was introduced that in her math this week and totally didn’t understand the concept.  Not, only did I find worksheets to reinforce the concept, but I also found printable shapes she could cut, fold and look at to help her see the shapes in 3D.

I  do wish there were a few more history worksheets with ancient history (because that’s what we’re studying this year), but I understand why most of their history worksheets are American History based.  However, for math, reading, and phonics, we’ve found a source of worksheets that we’re going to be using for a very long time.

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