Stinky Kid Math {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Stinky Kid Math

As you know, math is not always our subject around here.  I know a good bit about algebra and geometry, but sometimes my understanding of it is not good enough to be able to break down the how I learned it to explain it to my son as he becomes old enough to begin learning these concepts.  So, when I received an opportunity to do a review for Stinky Kid Math, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give their subscription a try.  I received a six month subscription to the complete Stinky Kid Math website that Firecracker and I were eager to get started trying out.

About Stinky Kid Math

Stinky Kid Math covers:

  • Foundational Algebra (Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1)
  • Complex Algebra (Algebra 1 & 2)
  • Geometry

These algebra and geometry sections are broken down into major concepts, and each concept has a video or series of videos.  Most instructional videos that we have watched so far are less than five minutes long.  Each set of videos has an easy-to-read textbook chapter and workbook page to go along with it.  Some concepts also include a game that can be played by your student to reinforce understanding.

As a teacher, you can choose topics from the concepts that your child is struggling with. You can use the videos as part of a math class to help illustrate a concept or use the worksheets and text as extra practice.  For a more comprehensive curriculum using this math program, you can go to “view video lessons in order” and begin at the beginning to work your child through an increasing and ordered math curriculum.  This is website is extremely flexible, and easy to use however you see fit.


How We Used Stinky Kid Math

Because my son is at the pre-algebra level of math, we decided that it would be in our best interest to start by doing all video lessons in order and to start at the very beginning.  We would watch and discuss one video a day.  Then, if there was a worksheet or part of a worksheet to do, he would work on it, and if there is a game that is related to it, then Firecracker would play that game.

In the time that we reviewed this product, we covered the topics of number types, graphing, addition and subtraction, combining integers and the language of equations.  Some of this (especially number types) was a review for Firecracker, but he wanted to start at the beginning, so we did.

Our Opinion on Stinky Kid Math

Firecracker loved both the videos and the games.  The instructor on the video was clear and fun to listen to.  He made it easy to relate to and understand the concepts.  The information in the video was bite-sized, which makes it great, if you’re using with a full classroom, to incorporate into your lectures.  For example, when we were working on graphing concepts, there were three videos.  These were: (1) Graphing Independent Variables, (2) Graphing Dependent Variables, and (3) Graphing Plotting Points.  Associated with these videos were three worksheets.  In the first, you picked out the independent and dependent variables.  The second and third were plotting points with different levels of difficulties.  This section also had the game Math-A-Mole associated with it, and the student is able to play it at multiple levels.  There was also an about 10 page text section with different instruction and examples.

This, of course, gives you lots of options for use.  Because of some math gaps that we have, Firecracker has never actually learned to graph points on a graph, so we spent a very pleasant week of learning using all the sections of this.  On a topic that was more review, you might just play the video and answer any related questions or pick out a couple of examples from the worksheets for your student to work through.

Although the big draw for Firecracker were the videos and games, what I valued about Stinky Kids Math was the flexibility that is built in for the teacher.  Although I am a trained teacher and I should know better, many times when we use a curriculum, I become a box checker.  Instead of just using what we need, I will feel like we need to use every single piece of everything that is made available to us.  Because the lesson index is searchable and it’s not laid out with a strong plan of what you “must” do, I felt free to browse and play and find the things that would be of the most use to us as we continued on our journey through learning our pre-algebra concepts.

We’ve really enjoyed making Stinky Kids Math a part of our day, and I think it’s a great resource that could be used as a full curriculum if you decide to start where your student is at and work through the lessons in order.

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