The Finishing School {A LitFuse Publicity Group Review}

Do you ever feel like you’ve read all the books?  Maybe you know what to do, but you’ve never put it into practice.  That’s where Valerie Woener found herself, and she began to write The Finishing School: How one book nerd began living what she learned as an avenue to not only apply what she learned, but also to help empower others to live out the faith their faith.

The Finishing School

This book is divided into many sections, covering 24 chapters.  Some of these wide-ranging sections involve Bible study, prayer, distractions, forgiveness, habits, peace and many more.  In the beginning, the author suggests that you can study through the book one of two ways:

  1.  You can take each chapter and work through it for two weeks, meaning that you’ll be spending a year with this book, doing homework and following up on additional recommended resources as well as living it out in your life.
  2. You can read through the entire book and ask God which sections of the book you need to go back through and work with the homework and additional concepts for.

In addition to the book, Woerner has created a workbook that is downloadable through a password in your book or that you can purchase printed and bound on her website.

As I began to read, I found that the author’s voice is very personable and interesting.  She discretely shares much about her life as a part of giving you a picture on how these aspects of the Christian faith might be worked out in your own life.  You’ll be encouraged and you’ll be driven by conviction to action as you follow along.  (I especially found the chapter on contentment to be motivating!)

As I read, I could also picture this being a great book to work through with an accountability group with other ladies.  You could work through the concepts and meet every couple of weeks to talk about what you did with the chapter of the book that your group is working through.  I could also imagine it making a great mother daughter study with my daughters as they get to be older teenagers.  Spending a year concentrating on living out these different areas with my daughters could be a great element of my personal discipleship of them.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through LitFuse Publicity Group in exchange for an honest review.


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