This Week

This week we squeezed in a little more summer fun by going to one of the last ball games of a local minor league ball team.  We always sit in the general admission because the kids are very wiggly, especially the younger two.  Still, they enjoyed having popcorn and coke, rolling down the hill, vamping for the camera and occasionally checking into the ball game as they awaited post game fireworks.  We’ve been going at least once a summer for the last five years, and finally Firecracker pays more attention to the game than to playing on the hill, so I think he might have enjoyed it most of all the kids.Rome Braves

Speaking of Firecracker, he continued working on chemistry this week.  We finally got around to working on the lab in unit two, where we grow salt crystals on a piece of pipe cleaner.


He’s also finally cleared some reviews off of his plate so that he can work on his Pokemon notebook pages.  He’s finally working on the pages and doing his research semi-independently on the websites I have pre-approved for him to use, and I know that it’s fun for him to have more control of the internet, sizing his images, etc.

pokemon notebook

My middle two have been continuing to work diligently on CTC Math.  When we were reviewing this product in the summer, Rose got it into her head to go back and start with the kindergarten topics.  She finally worked all the way through kindergarten and started first grade this week.

Monkey worked on position and graphs this week.  He also worked on a couple of number topics as well.

Both Rose and Monkey worked on a new review product called Reading Kingdom this week, and I’m happy to say that things are going very well with it.

ctc math

The kids also continued to work on their Spanish program this week with Middlebury Interactive.  We worked on our Spanish counting to ten and on telling people how are we are.  They didn’t teach me the word for thirty-six, so I can’t tell you how old I am, but I will tell you guys that Monkey was obsessed with telling us “Yo tengo cinco anos”.  He really seems to be the kid that this program is resonating with the best.


The children all worked a little out of our ARTistic Pursuits book this week.  We read about the life of Leonardo daVinci and we practiced a new technique with watercolors.  In this technique, we outlined our drawing with a black oil pastel before we painted, and then had great fun with our paintings.

watercolor painting

Another thing we all did a couple of times this week was to play Tapple.  It is lots of fun, and I have so many ideas for categories and fun learning using the Tapple wheel.  I’ll be sharing more before too long.


We read together, of course.  There were a bunch of picture books from the library, and I finished a book I’ve been reading to all four kids over the past couple of months. The Children’s Book of Home and Family is a really lovely and magical book.  It has selections from the Book of Virtues, with illustrations and set in a format that is appealing for children.  I’ve been reading selections from it aloud during our picture book time as “my choice” to start ear training the little kids toward older styled language, poetry and longer stories.  They wouldn’t say it was their favorite, but they’ve absorbed a lot.

We’ve been using our Veritas Press Old Testament and Ancient Egypt this week, and as such we read  Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  We’re currently working through the Middle Kingdom in Egypt, and as a part of that, we’ve been studying Joseph being a slave in Egypt.  We’ve also been reading and learning a little about heiroglyphics, and this picture book biography was a very nice piece of what we’ve been learning.

We also continued with Rose’s current book obsession by reading Of Sorcery and Snow this week.  I have to confess that, even though it’s not high quality literature, I’m finding it just as page turning as Rose is.


I also finished my summer project of my red transferware teapot.  I think it turned out great!

We’ve been watching the television show WorldWorld on Netflix over the past two or three weeks, and we’ve just finished watching through it.  I really liked all the exposure that the children have gotten to letters and sounds as they’ve watched these episodes.

We’re getting settled into our AWANA year, and Monkey has been drawing drawings and making paper dolls of all the mascots for all the various clubs that our church has.

My parents got Monkey and Owlet lunch boxes for Community Bible Study (which starts this week!), and Owlet has been using her lunchbox as a carry-all for all of her favorite things.  I think it’s just adorable.


I think that’s about it for this week.  It felt like a good and productive week.  We just continue to march through our weeks in a way that has built a pleasant rhythm.


2 thoughts on “This Week

    1. It’s surprised me too 🙂 He took a little break where he wasn’t working on Pokemon related stuff very much, but then over the last month or so, he’s really gotten back into it.

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