This Week

This week we went to an amusement park called Lake Winnie with my in-laws.  The kids rode and rode and rode until I couldn’t take anymore heat and I was just exhausted (thyroid is still testing sluggish, so I know that’s part of the why I didn’t have as much stamina as I would like).  The kids would have liked to stay a little longer, but seven hours is a long time, so I didn’t feel too guilty about pulling them away from the park!  We had a lot of fun!

Lake Winnie

Hubby and I also had a special evening over the weekend where we went to a painting party that was our small group activity at church.  Each person was responsible for half the painting, and we had to come up with our favorite verse to add to it.  It was nice to do something a little out of the ordinary with the Hubby 🙂

Couple Painting

We managed to squeeze in some more academically minded stuff as well.  We read a dog breed book that I reviewed for TOS Magazine.  We also read A Bear Called Paddington.  We got it from the library a couple of months ago meaning to read it, and Firecracker found it this week and checked it out again.  Firecracker and Rose both wanted to listen to it, so we read it as a read-aloud.  He also read a book called Pikachu’s Vacation that he got from the library.  We also read a bunch of picture books we got from the library, and we wrote in our literature notebooks.


We studied the Middle Kingdom in Egypt, and we made cardstock models of the gate at Karnak as part of our study.

karnak gate

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not, but last week we started reviewing a Spanish program from Middlebury Interactive.  We’re reviewing the K-2nd level and I love it.  The lessons are short.  There are lots of little video clips, and in addition to the interactive elements on the computer, there are also some printable worksheets that are very nice and provide a great way to talk about our lessons.  We’re focusing on greetings right now–words for greetings and the way people greet each other in the Spanish culture.


We received two new games this week from USAopoly for review.  We tried the first one this week, and we had great fun!


Monkey continued working on his alphabet book.  Once again, he has a lot secret agents and cowboys drawn on his letters to make them a little more interesting.

super teacher worksheets

Rose spent some time this week pursuing her Doodle Crates.  I thought she was just going to let them stack up forever, but she worked on her paper making, candle making and sum-e painting ones all this week.  I love the sum-e painting!

doodle crate

Monkey and Rose worked through some concepts on CTC Math this week.  Monkey is very, very excited about all the “ribbons” that he’s earned.

We continued reading through our Lottie Moon book and adding points to her timeline.  It’s harder for the children to read a biography because there’s always so much death and hardship in real life that so many stories don’t seem to include.

Firecracker went back to working on his Pokemon notebook this week.  He’s trying to downsize his review item plate so that he has more room to pursue his own interests.  It’s been a while since he’s had time to work on anything that wasn’t a review item.

One big thing that he finished this week was Mayan Mysteries.  It’s been taking up a good bit of his daily time that he devotes to personal schoolwork.  He’s still working on Stinky Kid Math and Fascinating Chemistry out of review obligations (and Star Toaster out of personal interest), but he was pleased to finish this game.


I think that’s about it for this week.  We had another day of CBS training, and I’m getting excited about the start of the CBS year in a week or two.  We’re also trucking along in AWANAs.  I still feel like it should be summer, so I kind of hate that everything keeps forcing us towards fall.  Still, the kids enjoy the getting out and doing of Kids’ Club and Community Bible Study.


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