KJV Foundation Study Bible {A BookLook Bloggers Review}

I love Bibles.  The smell, the flip of the pages, and just seeing the words of God in print never fail to give me a special thrill.  So, when I received an opportunity to review a Foundation Study Bible (KJV) from Thomas Nelson press, I was pleased to have the opportunity to take a look at the Bible and get to spend some time using it.

KJV Foundation Study Bible

First, the features:

  • The text of the King James Version is used.  This is a 400 year old translation, and is the gold standard of translations in accuracy, reliability and universal acceptance.  Although, I use many translations in my study, my church is a KJV only church, and it’s always the translation I come back to for use.
  • There are concise study notes.  There are not a many as there are in a large study Bible, the there are very helpful notes to aid your study without being too intrusive.
  • Theological notes draw attention to important Christian doctrines, and if you’re searching for these notes, you can find them indexed in the back
  • In-text subject headings organize the themes of the Bible as you go through
  • Words are Jesus are printed in red.  That’s not something that I personally prefer, but I know lots of people prefer to have that.
  • Book introductions are very brief, but they provide basic information about the author and the themes of the book.
  • Cross-references are provided on each page.  These are placed in a box at the bottom of the page instead of forming a traditional middle column.  This took a little bit of getting used to on my part, but at least I didn’t have the temptation to write my notes all over them.
  • There’s a nice sized concordance in the back.
  • There are also full color maps in the back.  My favorite is a map that is labelled with areas that are important in Jesus’s ministry so that you can picture where Jesus was during certain portions of his ministry.

I thought this was a really nice little Bible.  It’s the complex study Bible that a serious student of the Bible is probably going to be looking for.  However, if you’re just getting started with Bible study, or if you’re a student or young adult, this is a great starter for Bible study.  There isn’t much room in the margins for writing, but it’s a good Bible to carry and for reading.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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