This Week

Last week was a very fun week for our family.  We started out at Kid’s Club.  Kid’s Club is a very informal, once a month co-op.  There’s fun and games, a little lesson and an art project.  It’s exactly the kind of club that I want the children to participate in. This month’s theme was “Bubbles.”  We saw some liquid nitrogen fun and we played a couple of games.  Then, we made wonderful pictures with bubbles that had been dyed with food coloring.  The end result was just beautiful.

Kids club

On Saturday, Hubby and I just had a strong desire to take the kids out and go “do something.”  So, we ended up going to monster mini golf.  It was a really cool place where you played putt-putt in the dark, with loud retro 80s and 90s music, and it was decorated in a very macabre Halloweenish vibe.  The girls didn’t want to pose because all the stuff was “too creepy,” but the boys posed for me.  Everyone really enjoyed the game and we had a great family outing.

Monster Mini golf

We read a bunch this week.  Most of what we read were picture books, but we also read two Roald Dahl books, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and Esio Trot.  I wasn’t crazy about either one, but the children seemed to really like them.


We continued to use our subscription to Super Teacher Worksheets.  I’ve been mostly using the Alphabet worksheets for Monkey and Owlet because they can use a good, solid going over of their alphabet in preparation to get more serious with their phonics book soon.

I’ve also been using some phonics worksheets with Rose.  This week we started working on /ch/.  I’m thinking I need to seriously go back and break her phonics work into baby steps to help her with her reading.

Super Teacher Worksheets

I pulled out WriteShop A out this week.  (I reviewed it last year when I used it with Rose and Firecracker for a little while.)  This is one that I decided that I’m gently going to guide the little kids to work through once or twice a week in a very informal kind of way.  Of course, the older kids thought my “strange pets” writing with the little kids sounded fun enough that they’ve wanted to participate this week too.

Write Shop

Firecracker is still reviewing Stinky Kid Math.  We worked more on coordinate graphing, and we started working a little on addition towards the end of the week.

Stinky Kid Math

The other three kids worked on CTC Math this week.  (You can read my review here.)  They’re enjoying it so much that the kids are doing math almost every day.  The lessons are short and painless, and they love earning the rewards.  I’ve been printing them out and making each child a book of math rewards for my records, but Monkey loves flipping through his book of rewards.

CTC Math

Hubby has been continuing to read through the Bible to us every night.  We’re now in Ezekiel, and my collage has two pictures from that.  The first is one of Firecracker’s cartoons from the end of Jeremiah.  I also have a picture of Owlet sitting beside her Dad with her picture book opened up “reading” beside him.

Owlet has had a little bit of a head cold this week, so she’s taken a couple of short naps.  She’s still so little and sweet looking when she naps. 🙂

The little kids also worked on some La La Logic. (You can read my review here.)  They worked on a sequencing worksheets and did some online sets of logic problems.

Firecracker’s still taking his Fascinating Chemistry.  Since it’s geared toward high school students, I honestly couldn’t say how much I thought he was retaining.  However, he is awfully excited about chemistry, elements, atoms and molecules and it’s all been spurred by listening to Dr. Marulies’s lectures.

We started working through a book and a study guide on Lottie Moon this week.  I took a snapshot of the timeline we’re keeping on the important things that happens in Lottie’s life.

We also continued working through our Veritas Press Old Testament and Ancient Egypt this week.  We learned about Isaac’s birth and sacrifice.  One of our cool things this week was that we got to print out this map of all the hills around Jerusalem.  It was a good reality check for me on how the land looks around the city.


I think that about does it for this week.  There’s been a little bit of Mayan Mysteries and we had our first training day of the year for Community Bible Study.  We didn’t get half the things done that were on our list of things to do, but I’m happy with all that we accomplished.  All four kids are fully engaged in our days and that’s been a goal of mine for a couple of years.

You may notice that my blog has been a little less active over the past week.  Now that I’ve gotten busier with all four of the children, I’m finding that I have less time to write.  I have some great products that I’ll be reviewing in September, but I had a space right here at the end of August with fewer reviews and deadlines, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to spend a little less time in front of the computer.  I doubt that my blog will be very quiet for very long 😀


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