This Week

We’ve been busy this week.  We started out this week with a bowling outing with Hubby.  It was Monkey and Owlet’s first trip bowling, and it was tons of fun.  It was a trip actually spurred by watching how bowling balls were made on Reading Rainbow.  After we came back from bowling, the children spent plenty of time on the Wii practicing their bowling stance and throw.


The boys got hair cuts one day, so we had to stop and have lunch and spend time on the playground at Chick-fil-a.  That’s a mandatory trip if you spend lunchtime getting your hair cut 🙂

Chick fil a

The children also made many perler bead creations this week.  All four of them really worked hard on perler beads, with Monkey and Owlet finishing their first ever creations.  I didn’t get pictures of all the creations, but here are a few.

perler beads

The little kids continued working through their Blueberries for Sal box.  They played a board game that involved counting blueberries with a spinner and using tweezers to transfer them from the tree to their buckets.  They also decorated their own cardstock bears and put their photos inside the bears’ heads.

blueberries for sal

They started working on the letter A page of making an alphabet book with some of the worksheets from Super Teacher Worksheets.  We’re reviewing the alphabet because the little kids are both still getting some of their letters mixed up.  I really liked the alphabet sheets from Super Teacher Worksheets and thought it would be easy for review.

alphabet book

They also wanted to pull out their First Start Reading, so we pulled it out and worked on our /t/ sound and writing our letter t.  I laughed and laughed at Monkey’s work because he decided to make all his t handwriting practice into cowboys with lassoes.

first start reading

Firecracker and Rose also did a little reading this week.  Firecracker worked on Orphs of the Woodlands.  Rose worked on Spelling You See and she also worked through part of a Grapevine Bible Study on Esther.

You might notice I stuck a picture of the children swimming at my in-laws.  We go swimming almost every week between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I just rarely take my camera or my phone because I need to be in the pool with the little (weak) swimmers the whole time.


We read a good bit this week.  We read The 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle to go along with our history program.  It details the excavation of a tomb at Giza in the 1920s using a fictional boy’s perspective.  It was really a great way to teach about Egypt.  (We also used our history program this week to cover Sodom and Gomorrah.)

The other main book we finished reading was Of Witches and Wind.  It’s the second book in The Ever Afters series, and I have to say that I’m just as hooked into them as the kids are.  Very entertaining and suspenseful and it’s based on fairy tales.


We also read many picture books from the library, and even shared our literature notebooks with Hubby.  It was fun to get to share our work with him because he’s usually at work when most of our school like stuff goes on. 🙂

literature notebookAll the children worked on some math this week.  Firecracker continued working through some of the concepts in Stinky Kid Math, and this week he worked on coordinate graphing.  The cool thing is that Stinky Kid Math even has a game kind of like Whack-a-Mole for coordinate graphing.Stinky Kid Math

The other children all worked on CTC Math.  Owlet was especially proud this week because she earned a certificate for mass.

Rose and I also practiced adding up to ten on an apple sum game I found on Super Teacher Worksheets.  It was a lot more fun for Rose than she expected it to be.


I guess that’s about all we did this week.  Firecracker played a little Mayan Mysteries and did a little chemistry.  They also spent an afternoon at my mom’s house, having lunch with her and visiting while I went to the doctor (more thyroid testing).  I think everyone was happy with all that we we accomplished this week.


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