Wise and Foolish Builders Video Resources and Notebooking Pages Round-Up

Wise and Foolish Builders Video Resources and Notebooking Pages Round-Up

After finishing up learning about the Parable of the Soils and deciding that we wanted to be the good soil, we moved on to another parable using our Bible Road Trip curriculum.  This parable is the parable of the two builders.  In this parable, there are two people building houses, and one builds their house on the rock.  The other builds their house on the sand.  When the storms come, the house build on the rock continues to stand, but the house built on the sand comes crashing down.

Some Favorite Videos

To help inspire ourselves to make some paintings with the wise and foolish builders, we decided to watch some videos to help inspire us.  Since we have preschoolers who love VeggieTales, we started with The Little House That Stood.  Then, because I have elementary school students who wanted a little something more for inspiration from YouTube.

This one has excellent music and is beautifully animated.  It’s a true pleasure to watch.

We also loved Packrat Productions’ Lego version.  It’s well done and really fun.

We found a clip from Nest’s Built Upon the Rock that we watched.  If I had planned ahead, I might have ordered this one from Nest to use for this study.

We watched a couple of Minecraft versions, including this one and this one.  I was hoping they might inspire Firecracker to create his own, but alas, it didn’t.

We also enjoyed this telling of the parable.


Hands-On Activities

We made our own paintings, as I posted about last week, and we completed note booking pages that you can find here.  However, I found many more ideas on the internet for projects that you can browse through if painting isn’t exactly your thing.

Danielle’s Place has a whole page devoted to the wise and foolish builders.  At one point I was a member of their website, and it is a great investment if you want ready-to-go templates for crafts, etc.

Here’s a Kindergarten level Sunday School lesson plan that includes some great ideas.

Mama Jenn has a great hands-on illustration for this parable.

I loved this cute snack from All Play on Sunday.

That’s really about it for hands-on.  There’s not a lot out there, and most of what’s out there is just variations on the same thing.  So, if you’ve got an activity on the Wise and Foolish builders parable that you want to share, just leave me a comment and I’ll go check it out!


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