Easy Ways to Accomplish Math

Math.  It is often hated and feared by children and parents alike.  I’ll never forget that when Rose was six, I asked her if she wanted to learn to add and subtract.  Her answer was, “Eww! No!  Yuck!  Why would anyone want to learn to do that?”  Her math phobia came early and has never left.

Other children and parents will see math as fun (or at least as something of a game).  However, whether your feelings about math are good, bad or somewhere in between, there are some painless ways to accomplish much math in your house.

Simple Ways to Accomplish Math

The first and easiest thing to do (if you want your child to do math everyday) is to just sub math out.  There are are a good many computer programs set up to do that.  In fact, we’ve reviewed five of them this year.  Look around for reviews of curriculum and ask your friends for their opinions.

Often when we want to do math, the children find themselves on Unlock Math or CTC Math.  I have absolutely nothing to do with it, which is wonderful for a Momma that is not feeling motivated for school.

However, there are some more fun ways to get some basic skills in.  There are several great apps for math, including many apps that don’t aim to directly teach math!  One of my personal favorite apps is DragonBox.  I’ve even played through it myself 😀  One of Firecracker’s favorite apps that includes a lot of math is Mayan Mysteries

There are also any number of educational board games.  We’ve used Uno, Monopoly, the Tribble game, Pokemon cards, War, Skip-Bo, and many other games to work through basic math concepts.

There are even some great collections of Card-Game Math books.  If you’re not looking for a book, just search for card game math on Pinterest, and you’ll find a ton of pins to try.

There are fun manipulatives like Learning Wrap-ups and programs for learning math facts.  Games abound for making math fun.

Then, there’s always playing store with play money, sorting coins and skip counting., going to the store and spending allowances.  All those things tend to help with money literacy.

There are so many ways to get math in that you should never be without math in your life, even if it’s something as simple as counting perler beads and making patterns, cooking and measuring in the kitchen or calculating points before a level-up in Pokemon.  So, even if you decide that you’re too exhausted to handle math in your homeschool right now, don’t worry that you’re not getting enough math.  I’m pretty sure you are.

Come and check out what the other bloggers are writing about this week and get your ideas for back to homeschool!!



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