Back to Homeschool. . . Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

I sit and stare at a blank screen.

I’ve been dreading the screen for three weeks, ever since I signed up to take part in the Schoolhouse Review Crew and Homeschool Blogging Connection’s Back To Homeschool Blog Hop.

I’m not ready to go “back to school.”

There have been a bunch of cute kids dressed for their schools on my Facebook feed, and I’ve had more than one question on “When do you start back to school?” from friends and relatives.  So, I know it’s a question that I have to face sooner or later.

As some of you know, I struggled with issues of homeschool burnout all winter and spring (and finally managed to find some homeschool balance over the summer), so I started wondering, how do you go “back to school” even when you don’t really feel like it?  And how can I share about that with you guys?

Back to Homeschool. . . Even When You Don't Feel Like It

The first thing you have to remember to keep homeschooling, and to push through these times when you’re dancing at the edge of burnout is why you are homeschooling.  For us, we are homeschooling because God told us to homeschool.  We’re homeschooling because we feel that it’s the most effective way to shape our child’s character and pass on our faith.

When God has told you to do something, he doesn’t tell you to quit just because it got hard.  In fact the Bible says in Galatians 6:9:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

So, think back to your reasons for homeschooling.  Why did you start homeschooling?  Why did you choose this lifestyle?  When you grow weary in the homeschooling because of the hard days (and man, there are some hard days!!), remember the convictions and principles that led you down this path in the beginning.  I can guarantee that some of the desire to quit will melt away!!

The second thing to do is to read some encouraging blog posts and homeschooling books.  We all need to feed our minds occasionally with books that will encourage us on our paths.  I have a few very favorite homeschooling books, and I continue to thumb through them and discover new favorites to encourage myself on the journey into homeschooling.  A couple of new favorites that I discovered this year that will encourage to along the way are Heidi St. John’s excellent The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight and The Joyful Home Schooler.  I’ve also been slowly going through IEW’s Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, and found all the materials in it and the subscription downloads to be incredibly encouraging and nourishing for my soul.  Don’t forget to nourish yourself or you won’t have anything to pour out onto your kids!!

A third thing to do is to develop some easy ways to homeschool your children as you are feeling low on motivation.  When you’re low on motivation, it might not be the best time to tackle a huge hands-on project or start a big packaged curriculum that you’ll feel you have to check off every box on.  This week I’m going to be sharing four simple ways to educate your children when you’re feeling low on motivation.  They’re ways that are powerful enough to create a rich education, but simple enough not to feel like “school.”

So, check back tomorrow, and we’ll get started easing into a “back-to-homeschool” (even if we’re not ready and don’t feel like it)!  In the meantime, there are fifty-four other bloggers blogging about “back to homeschool” this week, and many of them are sure to be enthusiastic and geared up with great hands-on ideas and tips for your schedule.  So, take a few minutes to go and check some of these great bloggers out!!



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