The Wise and Foolish Builder Paintings

Recently, our Bible Road Trip Curriculum had us studying the Wise and Foolish Builders.  This is a parable that most of us will be familiar with.  One builder built his house on a rock, and when the storms came, the house was left standing.  The other builder built his house on the sand, and when the storms came they the whole house came crashing to the ground.

When we studied these builders, we decided to make paintings of both the wise and foolish builders as our project for this parable.  (I’ll be back next week with some additional resources for studying this parable, including our favorite videos we found on You Tube.)  For now though, I’m going to give you some painting inspiration.


I have to start with the little one.  Owlet had originally been gung-ho on the idea of painting the wise man and the foolish man.  However, when we actually sat down to paint, she decided to paint a picture of herself instead of the wise and foolish builders.

DSCN2200I kind of enjoyed the view she had of herself. There was lots of sky, until she got tired of painting and went to play with “her dollies.”


Monkey was very serious about his painting, and he spent a long time working on it.  He created a large house on a rock for the wise man.  He created a small house with a dragon on it for the foolish man.  I was very happy with the hard work he put into it and the way that it turned out.

The Wise and Foolish Builder PaintingsI love the way his finished painting turned out!


Rose was also very serious about her painting.  She spent a lot of time with it and then complained when everyone was finished before her.  I pointed out that it might have been due to the tiny size of her paint brush, and she was frustrated with me for my suggestion. 🙂


Seeing her painting reminds me of our studies of ancient Egypt a few months ago.  We learned how they worshipped order and that their painting reflected their idea of order.  Rose’s painting is very orderly!!


I never got a chance to really take a picture of Firecracker painting.  He was just done too quickly.  However, I love all the motion and stick men that he put into his painting.  I love that his house is coming apart for the foolish man.  I love that God gave the fool and the wise (or genius) man grades.  It’s just a precious painting to me.

So that’s how our paintings turned out.  Have you been painting lately?  What have you used for painting inspiration?




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