Brave Enough {A Tyndale House Review}

Brave Enough

Nicole Unice starts her new book Brave Enough: Getting Over Our Fears, Flaws, and Failures to Live Bold and Free with a simple premise.  We’re all scared a little sometimes.  No one really believes that they have enough courage in their life.  However, many times when we think that, we’re looking outside ourselves in the lives around us and the courage that others exhibit that we wish we had.  Instead, we only need enough courage for the life and calling that God has given us.

Once Unice has established that premise, she goes into detail about what we need to live out our callings.  With chapters on giving grace, receiving grace, fighting, exploring your gifts and knowing your limits, Unice attempts to help you live the life that God has planned for you–one that’s beautiful, full and free.

I really appreciated this book.  I read it through quickly for the review, but I want to sit and dwell with it and some of the exercises contained therein.  Already, I’ve had a spiritual breakthrough as I think about the sources of anger and how many times my thoughts are on my worries and not on God.  Next time I say, I’ve been thinking about something a lot, I’m going to know that that is my code word for I’m worrying about something a lot.  (That alone was worth the reading of the book.  Life changing for me and my thought life!!)  I also really loved the chapter on limits because I’m not a person who knows my limits, and God has forcefully shown me that my limits are not where I think they are or where so many people’s are set.  This is a very helpful and needful book, and it’s one of my favorites that I’ve read recently.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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