This Week

This was another week of very few pictures. It’s not my intention.  We just haven’t really done much by way of stuff that was picture worthy lately.  The children came home from camp, and a friend from church posted these two really fun pictures of the kids going down the water slide at camp on their last day.

water slide

We also spent one whole afternoon at a friend’s house for a back-to-school party.  Not a bad way to spend a day 😀  Schools here in the county we live in went back this past Monday (all the schools here in Georgia will go back in the next week or so), so it was the perfect timing for a back to school party.


All of Firecracker’s independent work right now is on the computer.  This is a shot of him playing Mayan Mysteries.  He’s also doing Stinky Kid math and Star Toaster on the computer.  He did make a recipe (Nuts to You cookies) from the Star Toaster book this week, and they turned out pretty good.

I could only laugh at the Stinky Kid Math this week.  The last math program we worked on spent a lot of time and energy having Firecracker differentiate between natural and whole numbers.  Stinky Kid Math’s second video lesson told us that they were just going to consider both sets the same for their purposes because the only difference was the 0.  Either way makes sense to me!

Rose worked on her Horizons Phonics and Reading this week, and she’s finished through lesson 8.  She hasn’t wanted me to take any pictures because it’s very hard for her, and sometimes she gets frustrated and cries.  I wish I’d went a level lower into the first grade.  It’s that much harder than where she’s at. <sigh>  She’s counting the days until I write a review on this one and she can stop.


We read a couple of books this week.  The kids really enjoyed theTales of Robin Hood far more than they thought they would.  I read it to them to go with the Middle Ages unit study we reviewed a couple of weeks ago.  My plan is for us to still continue work with it slowly.

However, we went back to our Veritas Press Old Testament and Ancient Egypt this week.  It was really nice to be able to lean into the life of Abram.  We’re working through lessons on God’s covenant with Abraham.  I picked up the book The Sword of Abram from Amazon to go along with this week’s lessons, and the children really loved it.  The book mostly involves Lot’s move to Sodom and Sodom being attacked along with Abram’s rescue of him.

literature notebookWe also read plenty of picture books and wrote in our literature notebooks.  I took a couple of pictures of Monkey’s notebook this week because I’m going to write a more in-depth post about the notebooks as part of a back to homeschool series I’m writing for next week.

I guess that really about does it for this week.  Next week looks to be a nice week to have a daily rhythm at home.  It’s the last week of “summer” I guess for us because it’s the last week for a long time where we don’t have to actually go somewhere or do something.


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