This Week

This is one of those very quiet weeks, where I didn’t take many pictures, and I almost didn’t write a weekly wrap up, but I want to keep things real here, so I’m posting ūüėÄ

The new Dragons series came to a couple of weeks ago, and we quickly realized that it wasn’t the beginning of the series. ¬†So, we’ve been going back and watching all of the first and second season episodes that were on Cartoon Network before the show moved to Netflix. ¬†While most of the children just watched, Monkey felt like watching Dragons was a great time to pull out his legos and make some Lego dragons to go along with the show.

DragonRose has a new phonics and reading program. ¬†It’s the Alpha Omega Horizons program, and she’s making some progress with it. ¬†It’s hard work, but I keep encouraging her and telling her how proud she’s going to be when she works through this curriculum and is reading better.

HorizonsFirecracker continued working on¬†Orphs of the Woodlands¬†and a little on UnLock Math, but the truth is that we’re kind of between reviews right now, and we’ve taken a little bit of a break for a few days. ¬†Firecracker’s getting a new math program in this week (His fifth this year if you’re keeping track. ¬†He is totally awesome!) and a new computer game called Mayan Mysteries.

We’ve spent most of our “school time” this week with me reading aloud and the kids writing in their literature notebooks. ¬†If you’ve never spent a lot of time reading aloud to your children, you’d be surprised at how time consuming it is. ¬†We finished Roald Dahl’s¬†The Twits and we read many picture books. ¬†We’ve also been reading from a couple of other books, and I’m hoping to finish them up and share them with you in the next week or so.

Literature time

Firecracker and Rose also spent half of this week at our church’s elementary school camp. ¬†It’s only about an hour or an hour and a half away, but it’s a very nice few days for the kids to play and to spend time with friends as well as to learn more about Jesus.

While the big kids have been at camp, the little kids and I have been playing far too much Wii U. ¬†We’ve played Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse, MarioKart 8, and Super Mario 3D World. ¬†It’s been a total binge.


I really thought we’d work some on our Blueberries for Sal box while the big kids were gone, but we didn’t do it. ¬†Monkey and I made a blueberry pie, but that was the only time we even thought about blueberries.

Still, even though it wasn’t a very showy week production-wise, I felt like it was a strong and solid learning week. ¬†We took in a lot of fun stories, we did some reading practice, and we even wrote some in our notebooks. ¬†If we do nothing else, that’s still pretty successful–even if there’s not much to show for it.


One thought on “This Week

  1. I envy the phonics. We’re trekking along in spelling and loving it.

    On another note with your book mentions… we need to read aloud more. We seem to have slacked off in the summer months. (She’s reading and the other she looks at book and I’m reading. Just not aloud and together and I miss that.)

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