This Week

This week has been a nice, relaxed, but productive week.  It’s good to have weeks like that once in a while 🙂

We continued learning about the wise and foolish builder with some videos and a painting project that all the children were able to get involved in.  I even tried my hand at my own painting.

wise and foolish builders painting

We also began working on the passage on the armor of God for our Bible time this week.  We completed some note booking pages/coloring pages and started working on an Armor of God lapbook I bought on Currclick  I’ll share pictures when we get through with them 🙂

Armor of God

We started a new Ivy Kids box with the little kids this week.  We’re working through the Blueberries for Sal box.  As we work through this kit, we’re making a lapbook with elements from the Hands of a child Blueberries for Sal Project Pack.  So, we worked some on it, and we played with the blue play dough in our kit, creating blueberries and other stuff.

Blueberries for SalWe also continued to work on our five senses unit study that we’ve been working on.  This week we did a couple of activities with our sense of touch.  The one below is one where we were using bowls of different temperature water to discover that our touch feels temperature in relation to the temperature that we’ve been exposed to previously.

touch experiment

One afternoon we set up a Lego zipline.  It kept all four children busy for a couple of hours.  As they played, they learned  practical lessons about angles, velocity, weight and gravity.

lego zipline

Rose received a new review product this week.  We received the second grade phonics and reading from Horizons.  We’ve only completed one lesson so far with much sadness and wailing.  The first day is never a good picture for us though when Rose is trying out a product, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes, and I’ll be giving you guys a full review in about a month.

We also finished reading our last Circle C Beginnings book, and I’ve ordered the whole next six books in the other series for us to read.  We’re still really excited about Andi!!

We also spent an afternoon at the library this week picking out books and stuff.  There’s always much excitement on the day we go to the library over the new books we’ve borrowed. So, I imagine we’ll be spending plenty of time reading and playing with the books over the next week or so.


Hubby and I took the kids to go see Minions this weekend.  The children really adored the silly movie, and Monkey and Owlet have done lots of pretend play with some coloring sheets we got at Target and with toys from McDonald’s happy meals.  They really like Minions right now.

We worked a little on our Home School in the Woods Middle ages unit.  Mostly , we just watched the PBS movie/documentary of David McCauley’s Castle, and we made a piece about life in a Castle for our lapbook.  I’m hoping to make some marzipan and start constructing a castle very soon.

Monkey had me print out some of the make your own mini-fig sheets that we saw on Pinterest this week, and he drew all the characters from the Lego movie onto the sheets one afternoon.


I didn’t take any pictures, but Firecracker worked on his UnLock Math course a little this week.  He even took a test and did well on it.  I try not to put a lot of stock in grades, but it does make me happy to see that (so far) he’s got a 94 in this course.  I’m really seeing some improvement in some areas and he’s learned some concepts, so I’m happy we’ve worked through the portions of this course that we’ve worked through.

Firecracker also continues with his Orphs of the Woodland book.  He’s been reading it aloud to me and doing the end of the chapter exercises, and I’m really pleased with the sound of his reading and how he’s progressing through the book.

I’ve also made time for a couple of my own projects this week.  I’ve been cross-stitching a teapot at night when we’ve watched Pokemon or How to Train Your Dragon episodes.  I really am liking the reds and grey together in this piece.

I’ve also started to scrapbook oriented projects.  The first is a “Multitude of blessings” book, and in it we’re recording, as family, answers to prayers that we’ve prayed.  I’m going to write more about it in a separate post.  I’ve also been creating a book of verses, quotes and ideas to help me control my tongue.  Controlling my tongue is currently my biggest ongoing battle, so I need a book of scripture just to meditate on to help me with my words.

My ProjectsI guess that’s about it for this week.  Nice and hot week around here, and hoping that much of next week is nice and normal too before the older kids head off to camp!!


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