This Week

This week saw us come to an end of our vacation.  We got to spend a little more time on the beach, building sandcastles and feeling the waves come in and “tickle our toes” before it was time for us to go home.

at the beachWe also got some great dining with Nana and Grandad and some relaxing times in our condo before we left.

RelaxingWe even brought home some new pets.  Four hermit crabs.  We set them up a home in an aquarium that we used to use for fish and the cat has been exceptionally curious about them. (If you have any tips for me about keeping cats out of the aquarium, now’s the time to share them!!)

Hermit crabsWe also brought home something a lot less pleasant from the beach–a stomach virus.  I’ve had it and all four children have had it.  Somehow Hubby has avoided it so far, but he’s still not completely into the realm of safety yet as Firecracker and both were sick just two days ago.

It has made it exceptionally difficult to get back into a regular groove as we came back from the beach, but we have tried.  The children have been building with plastic cups in their spare  time this week.

cup stackingRose has been beading lots of necklaces and bracelets.  They’re apparently presents for her friends at CBS when it starts back (in September).  She makes presents for people she wants to love on.  Sometimes I wish I had her heart for that.

We also read a book together. Andi’s Lonely Little Foal is the fifth of the Circle C Beginnings books, and it’s a wonderful read.  The children even got to see Andi suffer some consequences for bad behavior that led to some wonderful discussions between them and me.

miscellaneousWe’ve continued with CursiveLogic this week.  A page a day and the handwriting is really starting to develop well.  I’ve been starting to challenge the children to try and use some cursive when they write other things as well, and Firecracker’s sometimes taking me up on that challenge.

CursiveFirecracker worked some on his UnLock Math Pre-Algebra course.  Because of sickness, he really only worked on one lesson, roman numerals.  He’s really liking this math course.

UnLock MathWe got back to our Bible Road Trip curriculum this week by reading about and creating a page in our notebooks for the wise and foolish builders.  We’ll be continuing to explore that parable a little more next week before moving onto the next thing.

The Wise and Foolish BuildersWe also worked a little on our medieval unit study.  We read a little about castles and learned about parts of a castle.    We created a peek inside a castle note booking page, and I think they turned out rather nice.

castlesThe little kids worked through a few pages from a Dragon pre-k printable pack from 2 Teaching Mommies.  It was time for me to start including them a little more in our medieval study.

dragon pagesThat’s about it for this week.  Next week, I hope to be able to report back that we’re all fully recovered from any illnesses, and that we’ve had a normal and (hopefully) very productive week.  My plan right now is for you to see lots of castles and five senses activities going on as well as a good start to learning about the armor of God.  We’ll see how that matches up with reality 😉


One thought on “This Week

  1. I can’t believe how beautiful your sand is at the beaches over there. Even in Ireland we wouldn’t get such fine golden sand.
    I hope you all recover quickly and are feeling yourselves in no time.

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