Our Parable of the Sower Books

When we were studying the parable of the sower a couple of weeks ago, I found myself looking for resources to bring this story to life for my preschool aged children.  At 4 & 5, they want to participate in what we do and learn what we learn, but they’re not always able to quite hang with us in attention span.

So I was delighted when I found some activity pages on the parable at My Little House.  I quickly downloaded them for all the kids use, and I decided to take a week to make the books, adding one page to the books a day.  I wanted to write a whole post on this because I wanted to take the time to how you the options the download has and how cute they really turn out!

We used one of the plain coloring pages to be our cover, and we just colored it.  There were two cover options, the one pictured below and one with a happy farmer on it, but my children seemed to favor the one pictured below.

Our Parable of the Sower BooksThe next page we made was dedicated to the  seed that fell along the path.  The handout had birds that we could put together with brass fasteners to make them eat the seeds that fell.  We glued those to a page, along with some dried beans I had left over from making 16 bean soup.

Seed Along the PathNext, I gave the children a page and a son, several sweaty plants, and lots of rocks to glue down to make the rocky soil.

The Rocky SoilThe next soil is the thorny, weedy soil.  There I had plenty of plants and mean, looking thorny weeds to glue down.

The Thorny SoilBy the last soil, the kids (and I) were tired of all the cutting and glueing, so we just opted for the coloring page version of the good soil.

The Good SoilThis ended up being our main “project” for the parable of the sower, and I’m very pleased with the way that they turned out.  Isn’t this the cutest download?


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