CursiveLogic {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Cursive Logic Review

Learning cursive has been on our to-do list for a couple of years now.  Firecracker started expressing an interest in it a couple of years ago, and I had difficulty finding a beginning program I liked that I didn’t think he would find too babyish.  With Rose entering third grade this year, I knew that she would finally have the fine motor control necessary to master cursive as well, so when the opportunity arose to review the new CursiveLogic Workbook from CursiveLogic, I knew that now was the time for us to try to learn cursive.

What We Received

We received the CursiveLogic Workbook, a top-bound spiral notebook that contains all the instruction necessary for teaching yourself or your child cursive using the CursiveLogic method.  The workbook contains instruction pages, lesson pages, practice pages and even dry-erase sheets that your child can use to practice their cursive letters over and over again.

I received one workbook for the purpose of this review and ordered an additional one so that both Firecracker and Rose could learn cursive using this method.  They shipped quickly, and easily fulfilled my order.

How We Used It

CursiveLogic is easy to implement as the workbook provides most of the direct instruction to the student.  Letters are grouped into letter strings of similar shapes, and your child learns the lowercase alphabet (and later on uppercase) one group at a time.  Each letter has it’s own “catchphrase” for your child to repeat as they’re practicing writing their letter strings to ensure that they’re getting their letter shapes written correctly.  For example, the first group that your child will learn is called the orange oval and as your child is guided through learning those shapes they will recite the catch phrase that goes with the orange ovals to remind themselves of how to make the stroke.

Learning Orange Oval with CursiveLogicWith the children, we started out our first day by getting a feel for the first letter strings and making sure we were making the shapes right.  After that, I allowed them to work through the book at their own pace.  Rose usually did several pages in a day and has completed the textbook.  (She’s been staying fresh with some of the practice sheets that you can sign up for on their website.) Firecracker usually only works through 5-6 pages a week, and hasn’t completed the program yet, but he’s done with the whole lowercase alphabet.

Our Opinion on this Product

I’m really impressed with the ease and speed with which my children are learning cursive using this program.  If you have an older child who needs to learn cursive or if you’re looking for brush-up or to learn yourself, I think this is a great program.  We’ve been using CursiveLogic for around six weeks, and the children are really developing a lovely and easy to read script.

At the beginning of this review period, my Husband was on a mission trip, and he came home to find himself amazed by the beautiful orange oval strings that Rose was creating on a dry erase board.  He said, “How long has she been working on this?”

My response was, “One day.”  That is how quick and easy learning cursive with with CursiveLogic.

Quickly Learn to Connect Letters with CursiveLogicI’m impressed.  The children have learned cursive as a summer project.  Learning cursive is something I didn’t have any clue how to go about, and it’s something that has been completely handled with the CursiveLogic Workbook.  I couldn’t be happier with how using this product has turned out in our family.

Crew Disclaimer

CursiveLogic Review


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