Parable of the Sower: A List of Elementary Aged Video and Notebooking Resources

Parable of the Sower A List of Elementary Aged Video Resources

I’ve decided to gently add Danika Cooley’s Bible Road Trip Curriculum into our school days.  I don’t actually plan to accomplish it as a three year curriculum, but rather, I’m using it as a guide to create simple Bible units using her suggestions and note booking pages  as a guideline for our course of study.  We’ve started with week one where we explore just a little bit about what the Bible is all about, and one of the first stories that we encountered was Matthew 13’s parable of the Sower.  In an effort to help my little kids understand this story that Jesus told a little bit better, I decided to see if I could find some interesting movies/cartoons/You Tube clips.

I was actually surprised by how few clips I could find as I went exploring.  Francis Chan’s writing about the Parable of the Sower in his book Crazy Love really challenged the way that I view my faith, so I just have this feel that teaching on this parable should be huge and popular.  Yet, that’s not the evidence that I see as I look around.

Our church has a Right Now Media account, so I was able to search it for some of the videos that I’m going to share with you guys.

There were two videos that resonated with my preschool/kindergarten aged children, and they were:

  • Bedbug Bible Gang: Funny Farmers–The first about 10 minutes of this is devoted to the parable of the sower and some catchy songs that are great for my little ones.
  • Cherub Wings 5: Heaven’s Troopers–This one has a lot of songs and stuff, but the main Bible story that it shares is the parable of the sower, and the focus was on being the good soil that obeyed God’s word.

We found one video and several clips on Godtube that my older children preferred watching:

  • Great Bible Stories: Discovering The Kingdom–This contains several of Jesus’s parables and the parable of the sower is one of them.  The older children really liked this one.
  • There’s a flash animation version of the parable that my older two loved.  This was probably their favorite of all we watched.
  • They also really liked this loose take on the parable called “Fool.”
  • We also watched a clip from NEST’s Animated Bible Stories on the Parable of the Sower.  It’s from the Kingdom of Heaven video, and that video contains several more of Jesus’s parables all woven together in the interesting way that NEST has.
  • Here’s a great cartoony version we found on Vimeo.

That’s really about it, but it helped the parable come to life in the kids’ minds.  Once we had watched the videos as an introduction, we read the parable.  I read to the little kids out of their The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes and I read straight from Matthew 13 to the older children.

Then, the older children completed a note booking page.

Parable of the Sower Videos and Notebook PagesWe used the notebook pages from the Bible Road Trip curriculum.  You can download the week that the above note booking page here.  We’re using the Lower Grammar suggestions and notebook pages because I only have one child who is above the LG stage, and language arts is not his forte.

If you’re looking for something a little different for you’re child’s notebook:

I didn’t have the little kids complete any note booking, but in retrospect, I should have had them color a coloring sheet to reinforce the story.  Here are a few I liked:

Some additional activities for the parable of the Sower include:

If working on the parable of the sower has you personally thinking and learning about the parable, I have written some reflections on this parable for adults before and about my concerns that my love for Jesus will be choked out by the things of this world.  You can see that blog post here.

I guess that about does it for this blog post!  I didn’t actually intend to turn it into a round-up, but once I started getting into full planning mode on the parable, I found some really good resources out there for you guys.


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