This Week

This week has been a good week.  Owlet has finally recovered from dental surgery and it running around playing, eating and having fun like she’s making up for lost time.  The children are beginning to highly anticipate our beach vacation and the countdown is on!  We attended my cousin’s wedding and a backyard vacation Bible school that some friends at church were hosting.  We watched a ton of Phineas and Ferb, and we even worked on some of our review products too!

Rose also started using the Feed My Sheep art curriculum.  I bought it during the Build Your Bundle Sale last month, and I think it will help her some with her artistic development.

Feed My Sheep

We finished making the Parable of the Sower books that we had started.

Parable of the SowerWe made potato people for dinner one night.  It was like playing Mr. Potato Head with vegetables.

Potato PeopleOwlet played on La La Logic for a while.  Firecracker traced and drew new Kirby pictures.  We used our five senses to determine salt and pepper.  We even got a new group picture taken at my cousin’s wedding.

miscellaneousWe read bunches of picture books from the library but we never really finished anything chapter bookish.  Firecracker continued working on Orphs of the Woodlands and Unlock Math.  We practiced cursive.

We we spent the rest of our week working on things from our Homeschool in the Woods medieval unit study.  We wrote some articles and created illustrations for our medieval newspaper.  We read and colored medieval fashion pages.

Middle Ages paperworkWe then took our knowledge of medieval clothing and the middle ages to make medieval puppets.  Once the puppets were made, the children took turns getting behind a box stage and giving puppet plays.

Medieval Puppets

We also started working on some medieval costuming by making floral crowns for the girls and by making Robin Hood hats for the boys.  While I made the pieces for the younger children, each of the older children made their own headpieces.

Floral Crowns and Robin Hood Hats

That’s really about it for now.  We’ve brought most of our subjects to a normal resting place for a week off, and we’re ready for a week that is completely off.  Our plan is to take this week completely off and to come back and study the sense of touch, medieval castles and the wise man who built his house upon the rock.



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