Third Grade Plans for 2015-2016

Third Grade Plans

I know it’s been almost a month since I posted our preschool and kindergarten plans.  It wasn’t in an effort to let things fall by the wayside.  It was more because my older two, especially Rose, are so difficult to plan for.

As many of you know, I collaborate with the children on what they want to learn as we sketch out a plan for the year.  When I asked Rose, she told me “I just want to sit on the couch and color all day, but you won’t let me do that.”  That’s not to say that I don’t let her do plenty of that though because that free time on the couch is often where she gets her sparks of creativity that she uses to draw and write stories. 🙂

She also said that she might enjoy doing that “penguin math” that we reviewed this winter.  So, with that much to go on, I’ve compiled some resources that she may or may not use.  We have them here, and so we’ll probably use them to some extent as her third grade plans.  Plans are subject to change at any time based on what reviews we end up doing and her interests.


We attend a local Community Bible Study 30 weeks out of the year, and are studying Matthew this year.  She has a weekly workbook with five days of homework a week in it, which we use for reading practice, dictionary practice and all kinds of skills over the course of a year.

I’m also adding in the first Year of the Bible Road Trip Curriculum for our family Bible study (including all four children).  This curriculum will take us much longer than a year at the rate that we’re going through it, but we’ll be using the lower grammar note booking pages and assignments this year.  Think of this as some relaxed Bible “unit studies” in our house.


English is a sore subject for us as she doesn’t read fluently, and I (out of fear), have pushed her too much.  Because her older brother will be using Fix-It! Grammar and Student Writing Intensive A (Read my review here.), she will also be using these resources at least a couple of times a week.  I like these resources because they’re the first programs I’ve found that don’t make her cry.

She also has Spelling You See Level B, and she’s worked through over a third of that, so I imagine that she’ll pick it back up and finish it at some point this year.

Beyond that, I plan on working through her English concepts informally using note booking pages and projects that we work through in other curriculum.  For reading practice, I also plan on her picking easy readers and other books she feels comfortable with at the library to check out and read-aloud to me at home.  She’s been keeping a literature journal where she’s been copying passages from some of the picture books we’ve gotten at the library and rereading them, and I’m going to leave good enough alone there and let her continue doing that as her interest allows.


She says she might use GPALOVEMATH (read my review here) for the rest of the year’s subscription we have of it, but I can’t verify that she actually will.  She really worked through almost a year’s worth of math concepts when she reviewed CTC Math (They were below her ability level, but she truly needed the review), so I’m not stressing out too much.  As a reviewer, I find that math programs come along all the time, and she’s already used three different math programs at three different grade levels this year, and when we get a math program to review, she often does several months worth of work in just a few weeks time.

I’d like to give her some work on multiplication and division this year, so we’ll see how that goes.  Much of our Math and English both end up being incorporated into other subjects, so it will vary depending on what we study.


I’m continuing to use ARTistic Pursuits with her.  We’re using Early Elementary books 1 and 2.    She loves the watercolor painting sections and is, in her own words, “eager” to do them.  However, she can’t stand that ARTistic Pursuits calls for using different mediums from the ones that she’d like to use all the time.  As she’s young and the other children love the books, I continue to have her use them.

I purchased the Feed My Sheep art curriculum in the Build Your Bundle sale because coloring, drawing and painting is really her thing.  She also really loves colored pencils and acrylic paint, and since those are the main items used in this curriculum, I thought it might be a good fit.  I’m going to print it and have it here for her to use at her leisure.


Hubby came back from the Dominican Republic wanting our family to learn Spanish.  So, they’ve started working through some Spanish using Duolingo.  Rose finds this to be a little fast moving and confusing.  So, I’ve been looking at a couple of different resources to teach her (and the little kids) Spanish.  I’m kind of waiting to see if I get a vendor that’s on the upcoming vendor list for the Crew, so I’m going to hold off on sharing ideas for this one right now.


We had enjoyed the Veritas Press program that the children reviewed last year so much that Rose asked us to purchase another level.  So, I purchased Old Testament and Ancient Egypt.  Guess what?  She’s termed it boring.  The program we reviewed was the last of the modern history program, and it was written on a 6th grade level.  The one we’re using now is written on a 2nd grade level and it is much more slow moving than the modern history.  So, I can understand where she’s coming from.  Since we purchased it, we’re going  use it as a fall back when we’re not using something else.

We will be completing some unit studies.  I have tons of unit study and lapbook materials on my computer, but two that are history based that we are starting the year out with on the Crew are:

  • Homeschool in the Woods:  Project Passport ~ The Middle Ages
  • With Lee in Virginia (audio drama with study guide)

She’s mentioned being interested in Queen Elizabeth and in Queen Victoria.  I think she likes the idea of studying queens, so that might be a possibility.


I’m also using some science unit studies.  We’re starting with Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers.  I’m letting her and the other children pick out the units that we complete as we go along.  I also have many science unit study and textbook materials on the computer and on our book shelves that are just waiting for the children to get interested in them.

I guess that covers everything that I think we’ll be using with Rose at this time.  Even though it doesn’t really feel like a lot, I’m always amazed at where we end up over the course of a year.


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