This Week

This week has been personally exhausting for me and Owlet.  She had dental surgery on Wednesday (a week before the day I’m writing this), and between the sore teeth and the aftereffects of the anesthesia, she’s had a rough week.

We’ve done lots of movie watching, spent lots of time at the dentist, and I’ve tried hard to get her to continue to take in fluids and little bits of food here and there as she’s felt like it.  She’s also screamed and cried and refused to talk because she’s so miserable.  I keep telling myself that it’s worth it because her teeth are fixed.

We did still do a few things this week that I would consider to be productive.  One day Firecracker and Rose both used poster board to make their own board games.  Rose has even played hers–Rainbow Land–A few times.

board games

I’ve read picture books from the library to all the children.  However, I’ve also read two chapter books to the big kids.  We read Andi’s Scary School Days and The Witches.  We also had a movie night with The Witches.  I have to say that the movie is less scary and disturbing than the book.  The children, of course, are huge Dahl fans.  If I’m counting correctly, this is the sixth Dahl book we’ve read/worked through, etc. over the past 2-3 years.

booksWe’ve also worked on cursive some this week.  Rose finished learning her lowercase alphabet, and is starting to work on the uppercase.  Firecracker’s still working on his lowercase.  He’s just not working at her pace because she’s enjoying it enough that she’s doing much more than what I require.  I am amazed though because it’s taken Rose less than a month to learn her lowercase alphabet using Cursive Logic.  I’ll be sharing a full review with you guys just after the Fourth of July.

10432466_10204278651628038_2479337580116326382_nWe looked up different kinds of flowers and read flower poetry this week.  Then, each child decided what kind of flower they would want to be and why.

Cursive LogicI bought Rose a couple of new colors of duct tape this week.  She used it with a shoebox and some toilet paper rolls to create a box for holding her duct tape 🙂

duct tape carWe hadn’t worked in our journals for a couple of weeks, so we worked in our journals along with our picture books this week.

JournalingWe’ve spent the majority of our “school time” working on our Middle Ages unit study.  We finished lessons 2, 3, & 4, and we’re just getting a start to lesson number three.  Rose is so glad that we finished all those barbarian invaders and we’re ready to move on to more interesting things like clothes, food, and music and castles.  I really like the look of some of the stuff we’ve completed so far, and I’m expecting next week to cover just lesson five and to have lots of fun work to show off.

The Middle AgesWe also started working on a little interactive book for the Parable of the Sower.  However, we’ve only completed one page in the book because Owlet’s felt so poorly most of the week.  I’m hoping we finish it next week, and I’ll schedule a post to show you the resource we’ve used for this book, and how we’ve used it.

the sowerFirecracker started Unlock Math pre-algebra.  So far, he’s really liking it, but he’s mostly worked on number theory, which is using new terminology for an idea that he already understood.  Because he’s only a rising 5th grader and this math program is meant for grades 7/8, I’m allowing him to work through it a little more slowly than I would have if he were a 7th grader.

I guess that’s about it for this week.  We received in two new things I’m really excited about this week:  With Lee in Virgina and Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers.  We’ll be listening to With Lee in Virginia next week, and starting  study on the five senses.  Since the target age on the five senses unit study is 4-7, I’m trying to wait for Owlet to feel a little better before getting started.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting about a very fun and productive week next week.  I’d like our week before our beach week to be productive.



2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I’m sorry Owlet has been feeling rough. I hope she is better now. Your bible study looks interesting – I like all the 3d pictures to go with it.

    1. She is feeling much better now. She’s also didn’t eat for days, and she’s making up for lost time!!

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