Mess Free Color Mixing

Mess Free Color Mixing

One of the things that I’ve successfully done with my preschoolers several times over the past few months is mixing colors without all the mess.  I’m not opposed to making a mess, but making a mess times two preschoolers is sometimes more than I feel like I can handle!

So, what’s the secrete to mess free color mixing?  It’s the use of a ziplock bag!  All you have to do is to put the colors that you want to mix into your ziplock bag, seal the lid and hand it over to your child.

A lot of times you’ll find that they’ll start out nice and smooth as they mix colors.


Then, they get impatient and they suddenly start holding the bags all crumpled up in their little fists as they continue to mix.  (Make sure the bag is really sealed before you hand it over to them!)


By the end of their mixing, their bags will be completely mixed up with just a trace of the colors that there were before at the edges of the mixed area.


Once you reach that point, it’s fun to let them use their fingers to draw designs on the bag by separating the paint that’s inside the bag.  Usually by that time, at least one of the bigger kids has decided that they want to come and have fun too!


This is one of those projects that is almost too easy, but so much fun!


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