This Week

This week has been a great week for marathons of Phineas and Ferb, haircuts for the boys and having Rose’s cavities fixed.  We’ve managed to fit in some school work too, but our main emphasis has been around the house.

The girls hammed it up for me one day while watching Phineas and Ferb, and I took many pictures.  A couple of them turned out good 🙂

Silly Girls

We did manage to finish our Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch book and lapbook this week.  We also received the Home School in the Woods Project Passport: The Middle Ages to review this week.  So, I’ve been busy printing and and we’ve started the first couple of lessons in that.  I had to laugh because Rose was so disappointed that the unit study starts with Barbarian invaders to Rome and the collapse of the Roman Empire instead of just starting with castles and knights.  I told her not to worry.  There are plenty of knights, castles and other projects to come!!  This will be our main summer study.

Middle AgesFirecracker went back to a more long-term project of his that I really thought he’d abandoned this week.  He’s been creating Pokemon notebook pages.  Monkey’s been creating his own Pokemon paper dolls as well.


Rose started working on a Father’s Day Painting for Hubby.  She’s doing a Dr. Who bowtie inspired project. 🙂

Father's Day

The little kids did move along from Mouse Paint this week, even though they did keep playing several of the Mouse Paint games from their kit.  We also find more Ellen Stoll Walsh books at the library, and they’ve been enjoying having me read that.

They chose to use their Ivy Kids’s  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kit for their next literature study.  One of the fun things that we found to play with in the kit were “bingo mats” and magnetic letters, so we’ve been playing lots of ABC bingo.  This has been really good for the little kids because there are some of the lowercase letters that they’re still working on remembering.

ABC Bingo

They also did some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom science by observing half a coconut shell and with a sinking/floating coconut experiment.  This made for lots of “boat” and “pirate” pretend play with the coconut and the bowl.  Pirate Pablo and Princess Sophia were also involved in playtime.

I supplemented with the things I found around the web with Mouse Paint, so I’m going to write up a blog post in a week or two showing what we did.  I probably won’t supplement with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I’m not feeling as “schoolish” right now.

Coconut ExperimentWe’ve also been painting rocks this week.  Monkey picked this project idea out because he wanted to make rock monsters.  I don’t think we ever made any actual monsters, but we enjoyed the process of painting rocks.

Painting RocksWe still worked on a few other things this week.  Firecracker had a new CEF  lesson come in the mail that he completed.  He also checked an origami book out of the library and made some origami jumping frogs.

Firecracker and Rose also both worked on cursive, and we did some work with the parable of the Sower and created a notebook page on that parable.  I think I’m going to loosely and casually go through the Bible Road Trip Curriculum with them.  I’m not really concerned with getting through the Bible in a year though.  I’d be happy if they had a completed Bible notebook by the time they graduated.  For this year though, as we go through we’re going to use the Lower Grammar note booking pages and activities.  I’m also going to teach them how to keep a main Bible notebook and organize it by book of the Bible.  I’m going to incorporate Monkey and Owlet as much as possible too.  It think it will be a great journey.  I would have liked to have done more this week than we actually did, but I’m glad for what we did.

We also read a Circle C Beginnings book called Andi’s Fair Surprise this week.  Rose has decided that we need to finish reading these books and read the other Circle C series.  She’s really enjoyed being exposed to these books this year through our reviews for the Crew.

MiscellaneousThat’s really about it for the week.  Firecracker’s getting a new math program to try next week (It’s pre-algebra so it’s just him), but beyond that I’m expecting more middle ages, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Pokemon and Phineas and Ferb to dominate our days.  We’re also finally getting into a swimming pool and Owlet’s having sedation density this week, so we’re expecting to be pretty busy and to have lots of fun 🙂


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