Pushing Too Hard

Pushing too hard and Needing to Relax

One of the things that I’ve really noticed and been convicted about in myself recently is my tendency to push myself and my kids (and sometimes just my kids) too hard.  I feel so serious and weighted down, so addicted to my schedule, and so entrenched in my fears that I often feel like I can’t ever take a take off school to rest, even in the summer.  I’m always worrying about my 180, about being behind, about the next thing to do.  Instead of living our lives and enjoying them, I’m finding that I’m continually pushing a pressing long after I’ve exhausting and frustrated everyone around me.

So, just as I’ve been spending some time seriously thinking about it and contemplating changes that I would like to make, I received my newest lesson in my inbox from Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.   You might remember that I reviewed this a couple of months ago.  The lesson is called “Ebb and Flow.”  I’ve just started going through it, but there was a quote in the preface that stood out so much that I just wanted to take a quick chance to share it here.

Most parents tend to err on the side of too much work.  They are usually diligent by nature, with a strong work ethic, and this can drive them to want to do too much work, not enough rest and play, and eventually, to burn out.  Either the child burns out, or the mother burns out.  And sometimes both of them do.

This is a struggle that I recognize, and it may be a big part of the reason that I’ve struggled with homeschool burnout.  Even when we’ve taken “breaks,” I’ve been so busy planning what we’re going to do next or trying to catch up on projects around the house that I’m not really taking a break, resting or relaxing very much.  I totally get how much of my struggles with homeschooling have been my own fault.

I’m learning from my lessons and learning to let playtime happen without me worrying that they’re not doing anything productive or educational.  It’s hard.  I’m learning that it’s okay to sit back and read a book occasionally, even when I have things I need to to.  It’s hard.  It’s worth it though to take care of myself mentally for the long term.

So, as per usual, the lesson in my Successful Homeschooling Made Easy course is perfect for what I’m dealing with as a homeschooler.  If you’re a new homeschooler, you should just get yourself a subscription and save yourself some of the agony I’ve went through as a homeschooler.


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