This Week

This week has been exhausting.  We’ve had Vacation Bible School every night, I’ve been to the doctor for my check-up, and all four children have been to the dentist.  Did I mention exhausting?

We did all of our need-to-do projects for reviews this week.  The girls worked on CTC Math.

CTC Math

The older kids and I worked on our Tales from the Circle C Ranch lap book.  Our favorite part this week was that we got to make up our own limericks.


We watched some science videos and animated ebooks on our SmartKidz Media library account.

SmartKidz Media

We also worked on Cursive Logic and Dynamic Literacy too, only I didn’t get any pictures.

I let the little kids pick something from their Mouse Paint stuff to work on every day.  One day we learned about color mixing and played with these cool colored paddles.

Color Mixing and Matching with Paddles

We also dot markered bunches of letter Ms.

Dotting the Letter M

We worked on some patterning using the little colorful chips and some sheets of pattern strips.


We also created some mouse collages using different sized mice.

Sizing Mice and Matching Up

I read the children a new story out of their La.La Logic curriculum.  It’s called the “water lily,” and each child had a different take on it.

The Water Lilies

We pulled out our ARTistic Pursuits book and did a blending oil pastels activity.  Most of the children had lots of fun with it, but not all!

Oil Pastel drawings

Rose spent some time working on counting money.  She’s been inspired by the boys vs girls offering competition at Bible school.

Firecracker’s been back to his Pokemon notebook project this week.  I really thought he was done with it, but he’s feeling reinvigorated.

I also made a chart for us for some Spanish conjugations.  It’s our present verb tense conjugation houses.  We’ll be getting to use it some next week.


That’s really about it on the learning front here.  Next week we’ll be finishing up our time with Mouse Paint and with Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch.  It couldn’t come at a better time because we’ll be receiving and starting Homeschool in the Woods Middle Ages unit study.  The older children will be doing the unit study, but the younger children are going to be getting in on some fun knight, viking and other crafts to play along with us as our main summer study.  I’m really excited at the idea of getting started with it 🙂


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