2015-2016 Kindergarten Plans

I can’t believe it, but it is true.  This year my third child is entering elementary school age.  I’ve been playing at school with him for a couple of years, but this is the year where I’m really going to be paying more attention to him and working wit him on developing some of his individual skills, so I hope this is going to be a great year.

Kindergarten Plans

You will notice, as I go along, that his curriculum list looks very similar to the preschool curriculum that I shared a couple of weeks ago.  He and Owlet are very close in age, and they are pretty close in skills and abilities.  He does outpace her, but like a good little sister, she insists on doing pretty much everything that he does, so their lists are going to look similar 🙂

He knows most of his letters, can count to 30-40 depending on the day you ask him to count, shows good number correspondence and has great fine motor control with his letters.  He’s learned how to write his name, and he tells stories with details that make sense.

He picks up things from the lesson that I’m teaching the bigger kids when he’s playing, and he is more impatient with the idea of formal lessons than any of the other children.  He is usually only interested in doing lessons with me a couple of times a week.  The rest of the time, he stays in his pretend play/lego/superhero world.  I’m okay with that most of the time, but sometimes I let my fears of him being behind take over.

I feel the need to make the disclaimer that things will change, and I will not actually keep with the schedule, but these are the primary resources that we’re going to be using this year for Kindergarten.  Keep the word resources in mind because these are the resources that I’ll be pulling from and using to expose him to new ideas and experiences when he doesn’t give me a different direction to go in through his interests.

You’ll also notice that I’m using a blend of preschool and kindergarten stage materials because we’re just taking things as they go.


We’re using First Start Reading for learning reading (You can read my review here.).  It’s really not easy for him, and we’re using flashcards and other forms of practice for remembering the words that we’re being taught.

We’re using WriteShop Primary: Book A (You can read my review here.) for writing, word families and other beginning reading skills (like punctuation) as well as story telling abilities.  This takes some of the pressure of the learning to read and allows him to create while exposing him to more words and print.

He’s also going to be listening to lots of read-alouds and continuing to draw and dictate to me in his journal.  That’s something that he really enjoys and wants to do almost every day.


We’re going to be using CTC Math on the kindergarten level.  I will be reinforcing lessons that he has difficulty with on the program (like spelling his number words) with free printable and other offline activities.

We’ll also play war, uno and other card games as well as store and other things that will help him learn.


We’re going to be using La La Logic as our main curriculum.  It has strategy and logical thinking, picture study, literature study and many other things to use that I can heartily recommend.  There’s just so much to pick from here that it will provide some great directions for us to go in.

We also are reviewing a couple of boxes from Ivy Kids, and I plan on incorporating them into our curriculum.  These are literature based, and they come with 10+ activities in each box, but the activities span into pretend play, math, phonics and even science and social studies areas.  These are the types of units I want to put together but never actually succeed in doing.

These two places are our springboard for science and social studies at this point in schooling.  Beyond that, he will participate as he is able/interested in the older children’s unit studies/science/history as he is interested and able.


I’m going to be using ARTistic Pursuits for art, and we’ll be using sections of both Early Elementary Book 1 & Early Elementary Book 2.  I’ve reviewed both these books here and here.  He really enjoys this curriculum and has done some great work with it.  When he wants to do “school,” this is usually what he asks to do.


The only thing that I have actually purchased for Monkey are watercolors, sparkling paste, a new paintbrush, a couple of hardboard panels and some ink and styrofoam sheets for art.  I’d estimate that I’ve spent $25-50 on supplies for him because some of the necessary supplies carried over from our last book.  The rest of our curriculum has been review items.

I’m probably going to subscribe to Ivy Kids, and that will be $40 per month, but if that’s all I’m spending on his and Owlet’s activities for “school time,” then I can be exceptionally happy with that.


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