Leading Your Home

leading and guiding your children

A couple of my recent reviews have given me the itch to read some homeschooling inspiration books that I haven’t read before.  I decided to start with Mary Hood’s The Relaxed Home School.  In this book, Hood examines how to create a homeschool environment that is relaxed and doesn’t feel like school.

I found a quote that resonated with me near the beginning of the book.  In it, Hood says:

When parents relinquish control to “experts,” they defeat their original purpose, and might as well return to the institutional setting.  When they relinquish control to their children, the result is usually chaos.  No matter how much parents believe in democracy within the family, every organization needs to have some kind of authority structure.  Without a captain and navigator, a ship at sea will wander aimlessly and founder beneath the waves.  Without a producer and a director, the best cast cannot put together a cohesive play.  Without caring adults assuming proper leadership roles within a family, the children will be swamped with responsibility before they are mature enough to handle the situation.

I needed to hear this because I’m a closet unschooler.  I would love to turn my children loose and just allow them to grow organically.  However, I have noticed that when that is all that we do, I  get increasingly stressed as there is no apparent learning going on.   I’m sure some of you can relate.

I needed to feel and internalize the message that too much freedom of choice will leave my house chaotic because I know what that is like, and I am glad that I am there to help and guide them in my role as their mom.


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