This Week

Hubby is finally home from the Dominican Republic.  He was only gone a week, but it felt like forever.  We were fortunate because he came home to Memorial Day weekend, so he had extra time to spend with us at home before he had to go back to work 🙂

We also spent a good bit of time at the doctor’s offices doing well checkups, so we didn’t really have a steady rhythm to our days this week.  We’ve really started to slip into our summer time schedule.

Having said that, I felt like we had a pretty productive week.  We worked on our Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch book and lap book.  We’re around halfway done with this literature unit, and we’ve really enjoyed it.

Circle C

We’ve also been seriously working with Cursive Logic.  I’ve required the children to each do one page of cursive a day.  Firecracker’s been doing one or two pages, but Rose has really pulled away with it and sometimes does 5-6 pages.  I’m glad that she’s loving cursive.

Cursive Logic

Firecracker and I have been continuing to read Orphs of the Woodlands.  This week we tried a recipe for Greasy Gooey Goulash.  It was pretty good.  Firecracker also manfully chopped up onions and bell peppers even though they made his eyes water.  He seems to enjoy making dinner, even though he won’t always try it after he’s cooked.

Cooking Practice

At Owlet’s request, we worked on our La La Logic curriculum.  She’s actually done all 100 weeks of online activities, so I’m able to finally combine the offline and online together without too much complaint from her.  We reviewed the week 5 online activities and we did a worksheet where the children had to put pairs of shoes together and decide which ones were summer and which ones were winter.  It gave us a chance to practice counting, work on the idea of “pair,” and practice counting pairs and by twos.

Shoe Sorting

The bulk of our “school time,” however was devoted to our Mouse Paint unit study.  It’s a unit study that’s pitched at the little kids, but the big kids are determined not to miss a single fun activity.  We painted mice and mixed colors.

Color Mixing Mice

The little kids cut out and sorted uppercase and lowercase “M” from other letters into paper jars.

Letter M Sort

They made paper mouse and cat puppets for play and story telling.

Mice and Cat Puppets

They made clay mice using model magic.  As you can see, they also used pipe cleaners to add details.

Model Magic Mice

The older children also made some origami mice.

Origami Mice

A second “unit study” that I’ve started guiding them through is geared at them all, but mostly at the older two.  I noticed while Rose was working on some CTC Math concepts that she was having trouble with line symmetry, so we used some pattern blocks to work on line symmetry.  I’ll be sharing more of our symmetry activities next week.

Pattern Block Line Symmetry

We did a little Veritas Press history, and it was focused on the Call of Abram.  We learned about the worship of the moon god, Nanna in Ur and a few things like that.  We also read Sarah & Abraham: The Wonderful Promise.

The children did not neglect to also spend time playing Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.


I also managed to spend some time crafting.  I worked on my “The Flock” cross stitch piece that I’ve been working on a while, and Rose and I collaborated on a rag wreath for our front door for this summer.   It’s incredibly patriotic. 🙂

Craft projects

That’s about it for this week.  I plan on bringing a couple of more in-depth posts on some of the things we’ve done this week, so I’m keeping the wrap-up pretty brief.  Next week we have a dentist visit and Vacation Bible School, so we’ll see how productive we actually end up being.  Hope you guys had a great week!!


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