Learning to Say No

Learning to Say No

I realized that over the past month I’ve been writing two series type things during May.  I’ve been writing some about parenting problems we’ve been having in our home.  The other series is more about homeschool burnout issues and how I’ve been battling my fatigue in homeschooling.

I realized at home point that my fatigue in homeschooling had a lot to do with being too spread out with commitments outside of our homeschool.  Some people do well with lots of outside stuff and need it, but as a deep introvert whose children are all 10 and under, my energy was being drained a lot of different places with no recharge in sight.

I really can only handle one or two things that don’t relate to our homeschool at a time.  I have a low tolerance for stress, and I’m learning that’s okay.  Not everyone is able to go, go, go.

So, when I read these words in The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance: Nurturing your marriage through the homeschool years, it really resonated with me:

All it really takes to find yourself in a time crunch is a lack of discernment and the propensity towards saying yes to every thing that comes your way.

I understood that statement from the bottom of my heart because, well, that’s me.  I have a propensity towards always saying yes because I feel like I need to, because I feel like I want people to like me and because I want to miss out.

I’m writing this post to sternly remind myself that it is okay to say no.  So, please, if you know me in real life, please remind me of this.  Remind yourself too!!  A brunt-out mama is not happy to be around and is fun for no one.  I’m not going to be that Mama any more.  So, I guess I’m going to have to actually learn to say now and get better at it!!


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