This Week

This week my Hubby was in the Dominican Republic all week.  With him being away from home, we had a completely different kind of week.  I’m also finding my will produce is suddenly heading down hill.  I have a couple of big reviews due the first few days of June, but everything else we’re working on is light and easy, so I think we’re truly beginning to head towards a summer break…or at least as much of a break as we ever take around here.

We continued learning about the American Revolution this week.  We’ve actually finished our unit study we were working on because the children didn’t elect to do any of the projects.  Instead, we’ve just read books and found some new dates to add to our timeline.  We’ve also been watching Liberty’s Kids, and that is such a nice way to learn about the Revolution.

American Revolution

We have a new book in for review this week.  It’s Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch.  They also sent us the nice lap book from A Journey Through Learning, and we’ve started reading the stories and making the lap book this week.

Tales from the Circle C

We’ve also continued working through our Esther Bible study.  It’s great fun for the children, and the next one we do, I’m going to try and get the little kids the tracing one or something to go with the study.


We went to the library and got more picture books this week, so we had to spend some time sitting together and looking through picture books.  We’ve also listened to some classical music and watched some videos from SmartKidz Media Library.  They also had some flash animated books that the children have liked this week.

We worked a little in Rose’s field trip journal because we hadn’t put a state map in yet, and we wanted to do that so we could get ready for some summer exploring.

The children continued to work through some concepts on CTC Math.  Monkey, Firecracker and Rose all continued to work, and I think Rose is probably the one who spent the most time on the program.

Firecracker and I have also been working through Dynamic Literacy Foundations, and as part of that this week, we started making a prefix and suffix chart.  It’s really cool to see him suddenly really understanding and being interested in word construction.  I’m excited about him academically right now.  Except for a weakness with the arithmetic side of math, he’s becoming a much more mature and well-rounded student.


This week was awards week at AWANA and Rose got a big plaque for finishing all her Sparks books the past three years.  She’s really done a great job with them 🙂

AWANA awards

They’ve also been very busy with less schoolish things as well.  Firecracker has been drawing some Kirby comic book pages in his sketch book.


He’s also been making some Pokemon cards with a Pokemon card generator.

Pokemon Cards

Rose has dyed some yarn with Kool-aid.  It smells so nice!dyed yarn

She’s made some Pokemon perler bead creations.

Perler beads

She’s also made a terrarium.  This made Firecracker remember an alien themed one he had along with some seeds from a gift that he had received, so he made one too.


With the little kids, I started a unit study on the book Mouse Paint.  We did some “inside the bag” color mixing.  I let them each chose two colors of paint, and then we put it inside the bag and mixed it all together.

Color mixing

We also played a game called “Hide the Mice.”  They had great fun wit the game board, and they had even more fun when we took the mice from the game board and hid them through the house.  Then, they could take the game board’s cat and go seeking the mice.

Hide the mice

We’ll be continuing to work on this unit next week.  I didn’t get any good pictures of the little kids at the AWANA award ceremony, and I took several pictures of them with their big pretend  play game that they played for days this week, but this one is the only one that wasn’t incredibly blurry.


They also participated in lots of library book read-alouds and journaling  time each day.  Sometimes they watched Liberty’s Kids with us and sometimes they didn’t.  I would say their favorite time of the week this week was the two hours we spent at the Chick-fil-a playground after we went to the library.

I guess that’s about it for this week 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Lots of fun stuff going on at your’s this week! We don’t get cool aid over here but I can just imagine how good it would smell. Do you have any plans for the coloured yarn?

    1. Rose says she’s going to weave little baskets with the yarn, but she’s been busy with some other stuff, and it may be a little bit before she remembers about the yarn again.

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