Focusing On Housework

Focusing on Housework

I’ve been having trouble feeling restful lately.  It’s because I feel surrounded and closed in by an increasing amount of stuff.  Four children make a lot of mess.  Curriculum and school projects tend to abound.  Rooms are overstuffed from too many toys.  Even with my love of books, I find myself feeling claustrophobia from having too much book clutter around.

So, I felt so relieved when I received my week 9 lesson from Stephanie Walmsley’s Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.  In it, she gives lots of tips and steps for including the children in the whole housework process as part of your child training so that housework is incorporated into our weekly household routine.

Even more important than that, I was given the freedom through this lesson to see clean-up time as a valuable part of our day and not just something that keeps us from doing schoolwork.   I love this quote from Homeschooling on a Shoestring that she includes in her lesson:

Don’t feel guilty about focusing on chores.  They are not separate from your homeschooling effort.  They are an important part of it.  If necessary, let academics slide for a while until you can get your home under control.  You need to have a well-functioning household for your children to get the most benefit from homeschooling.

I needed to hear this.  I’m writing this post because this is something I need to remember, something that I’ll need to hear over and over again.  So, if it seem like homeschooling slows down a little bit on the blog for a few weeks, it’s because we’re reorganizing the house and eliminating clutter so that I can be more effective in my job in instructing the children.

To begin with, just to get us in the habit, I’ve been setting timers where we alternate some household chores with different subjects in our schoolwork.  I’ve also dropped most of the schoolwork out of our schedule that isn’t related to a specific review for now while I work on reorganizing the house and getting our curriculum ready for our new school year (starting July 1st).  I’ll be posting updates on reorganization, and on the children’s curriculum as we go along!

Since I’m soliciting advice, how do you keep all the clutter at bay?


2 thoughts on “Focusing On Housework

  1. I hear your pain. We do clean together and everyone has one or two chores to do before school starts in the morning. I rotate all the chores so everyone can learn how to do all necessary housekeeping. I also start teaching them simple recipes at age 10. I was very sick for a long time and realized i needed to teach my kids home care. I am looking forward to your series!

  2. We have massively decluttered over the past year and it has helped enormously. My guys have always had chores to do from the age of three and do them now morning and night without me even needing to ask or oversee. Things have definitely become easier as they have taken on responsibility themselves to get things done. Training absolutely pays off and is well worth the effort in the long term.

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