2015-2016 Preschool Plans

You might remember that last year I decided not to make any plans in advance.  I was so exhausted that I needed a break from worrying about what the next school year held, so I didn’t plan ahead, and we had a very successful year.

This year, however, I’m feeling a little more inspired and a little clearer in focusing in on what we’re going to be doing over the next few months, well at least what I feel like we’re going to do at this moment, so I’m going to start a short series over the next week or two to tell you what my tentative plan is for fall for each child.

Preschool Plans

I’m starting with Owlet because she’s the youngest and easiest to plan for! LOL  She turned four in April, and would be traditionally considered to be a preschooler (or K4) here in the United States.

Over the past year, I’ve really seen her blossom in speech and pretend play.  She also has learned how to cut and glue, and she has learned how to operate a computer mouse in an exciting way. 🙂

She likes to play with ponies, barbies, and to color and cut out paper dolls.  She also likes to play on my computer, my Kindle and the Wii U.  She gets really excited about all things girly, clothes, makeup, and watching her favorite movies on Netflix and on DVD.  Her favorite book right now is the Pinkalicious series by Victoria Kann.

She knows her numbers up to 10, and she can count to about 15 without a mistake.  She also knows half of her lowercase letters and about 20 of her uppercase letters.

Note that this plan is subject to change as we continue to review items with the Crew if we find something great that comes along for her age group or if she gets interested in something that completely takes her off the path I planned 🙂

So, with that in mind, we’re going to be continuing on the same track with some review items and stuff that we’ve received and started over the past few months (with the exception of WriteShop A, which I reviewed with Firecracker and Rose during Rose’s first grade year).  If I have reviewed something, I will be providing the link to the review as well.

You will notice that her plan looks like a more traditional five year old plan than four year old plan.  It just so happens that her older brother is five, and we’re doing a combination of preschool and kindergarten level work for both of them this year.  Here is her plan:


We’ll also be continuing to occasionally make letter crafts, write our letters in shaving cream, and do the fun projects that get her hands involved.  I would not consider her actually ready for First Start Reading, but we’re taking it slowly and we’re adding a lot of review into our work on the workbooks.

We will also be reading picture books aloud daily, and as we do, she’ll be drawing pictures and narrating stories in her literature notebook to me.  I plan to do assorted picture book units with her and Monkey as well.


I don’t really have any math planned other than counting and pattern working with her.  She started working through the Kindergarten level of CTC Math, but she found it too difficult for her right now.  She may go back to that in a few months, but I’m not sure that she will.


This is a unique curriculum that focuses on critical thinking.  There’s visual discrimination, sorting, language work, social/emotional, math, picture study, short story and poetry study and so much more to this.  We’ll be using it as our primary area to pull from in finding topics for study outside of just math and English.



Believe it or not, everything on this list was a review item.  The only thing I’ve actually purchased for her are the student books that go with First Start Reading ($28) and her art supplies to go with the art book.

Grand Total for Owlet = $80



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