This Week

This week has been one where I haven’t taken a lot of pictures.  It’s felt like a great week, but rather ho-hum as my pictures will probably show 🙂  Our main thing has been our American Revolution unit study.  We’ve done a couple of character sketches and added some events to our timeline.  We’ve looked at paintings and studied the origin of the song “Yankee Doodle.”

American Revolution

We’ve read three books and watched about 8-10 episodes of Liberty’s Kids.  It’s all really been rather pleasant.  The reading and the Liberty’s Kids have actually taken up a big part of our school time.

Revolution Books

Another major thing that we’ve been working on is our CTC Math.  Rose, who hated this program the first week, has suddenly fell in love with it.  It’s the awards that drew her in.  She’s even went back some into Kindergarten and First Grade skills to earn rewards in those sections.  Since she usually hates math, I just smile at her work reviewing concepts that usually make her cry.  The little kids are also quite pleased to do some work on it.  Unlike Rose, they don’t push to work on it and do it every day, but they’ve both done enough to earn their very first award too.  So, far the only child who has found it more frustrating than fun is Firecracker, and he’s spent the least time on it because of some of the other reviews and things that he is working on right now.

CTC Math

One of Firecracker’s major things this week has been drums.  He’s been working on rhythm and on reading quarter notes and eighth notes and translating it into drum play.  Monkey has also been working on the drums, not in any learning capacity, but in the putting on sunglasses and pretending to be a rock star kind of way. 🙂


Firecracker’s also been kept busy with Dynamic Literacy.  He’s built a list of compound words from a word bank and done 2 or 3 word searches his week.  They were challenging, but he loves word searches.

Dynamic Literacy

We also took our first Latin quiz this week.  After our quiz, Rose made a poster for us to put our words on that we’re having a harder time remembering.  We also got a start with our next lesson with a new saying and we continued to review our songs, blessing and our words from lesson 1.


The big kids also continued to work on both Fix-It! Grammar and Student Writing Intensive A from IEW.  I love both, and neither one of them think that the activities we do in each curriculum is a burden.  This week we studied desert tarantulas and wrote a paragraph about them using our SWI materials.

Student Writing Intensive

We also started our summer Bible study with the big kids this week.  We’re using the Esther Bible study from Grapevine Bible studies.  It’s an old edition of it that I bought a couple of years ago on clearance when the new editions came out, and the children are really enjoying studying with it.


The little kids worked a little on their First Start Reading this week.  They only completed one page, but they seemed to enjoy it.

First Start Reading

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the past couple of weeks have had a little less of the little kids in them.  It’s because the big kids and I are really zoned into our American Revolution study and it’s too old for the little kids.  Once we finish the American Revolution study, we’re going to work through a Pirate micro-study by the same author, and I’m already looking for projects for the little kids to go along with the Pirate study.  The little kids are watching Liberty’s Kids with us and they participated in learning about “Yankee Doodle” this week too.  The pictures just don’t show it.


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