Flight and Metamorphosis {A TOS Review Crew Review}

Flight and Metamorphosis

FishFlix.com is a Christian movie company that is dedicated to selling Christian and family friendly movies so that you can make wise media choices for your family.  In our house, I’m always looking for family science videos that are safe to watch with all of my children.  So, when I received the opportunity to review the documentaries Flight and Metamorphosis, I was delighted at the chance to get to share these DVDs with my children.

What We Received

We received two physical DVDs in the mail.  Both are from The Design of Life series by Illustra Media, which is a documentary series that explores wonders of creation with the eye as to whether or not it could have happened randomly or whether there was an intelligent creator involved.

Flight: The Creative Genius of Birds flight_dvd_lg is a beautiful documentary on birds. It begins with views of different bird’s eggs and takes an inside view of an egg developing from conception until it hatches.  Then, once the egg has hatched, the video examines bone structure, feathers and other mechanical structures for flight.

Once the basis for all birds and their commonalities has been laid, the movie begins to delve into specific bird examples.  They show nano-air vehicles as man’s attempt to replicate the complicated flight of a hummingbird.  The nano-air vehicles, as we shall see quickly, can’t even come close to replicating what already exists in nature.  Soon, we’re shown the complicated flight patterns of clusters of starlings and the fascinating migration of arctic terns.

Once these patterns are examined, the movie begins a closer examination of a bird’s feathers.  What seems to be so simple a part of nature is actually a very complicated structure that is difficult to replicate.  Moreover, this is just one of the minor systems that is a part of a bird’s body.

The movie at this point takes a philosophical turn as a reminder that organisms are integrated beings and not just the sum of their parts.  They discuss the complexity of flight and how difficult it was for mankind to develop flight.  We wouldn’t believe that an airplane just happened, so why would we believe that about a pigeon?  That is the question we are left to answer at the close of this documentary.

9126p0kfqcl._sl1500__1Metamorphosis:  The Beauty and Design of Butterflies tackles one tiny piece of life science.  It begins with gorgeous scenes of butterflies, showing amazing beauty and detail.  Then, the video turns to an exploration of ancient cultures and their views on butterflies.  We are shown pictures of butterflies on paintings in ancient Egypt, and even told that in ancient Greece the word for butterfly, psyche, is also the word for “soul.”

This leads into an exploration of the butterfly’s stages of development.  They begin with the intricate shapes of the tiny eggs, and move into the pure feeding, energy burning stage of caterpillars.  Along the way specific structures and designs are discussed, including eating, molting and imaginal disks.  Wonderful examples of caterpillars forming their chrysalis structures are also shown.

Before too long, the butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis.  We are treated to an exploration of the proboscis, scales and compound eyes of the butterfly at this point.  Once the butterfly is fully examined, we move on to a specific and wondrous example of the butterflies in nature, being shown the migration that Monarch butterflies go through as they make their way from Canada to Mexico and back.

At this point, the movie turns philosophical and questioning as it examines the idea that random mutations in the DNA sequence could cause the type of transformation that it takes to get from caterpillar to butterfly.

My Opinion On These Films

These are beautiful, high-quality films that are a wonderful and questioning look at the idea that these complicated and specific processes could have happened randomly as is currently portrayed by evolutionary theory.  The video is beautiful.  The animations are instructive and high-quality.  The speakers and narration are very persuasive.  I want to have resources like this to share with my children when they ask about evolution and creation.

In addition, I feel a little lighter after watching these films, more assured of my perspective on the ridiculousness of the idea that a butterfly could evolve from chance.  I’m always going to have the animation they share in the video in my head when I consider the possibility of a butterfly going through metamorphosis by chance.

The audience for these two videos is probably about 10 and up.  Firecracker, my science minded ten year old, and I loved them, but they had a hard time holding my preschoolers and my 8-year old’s attention.  They’re wonderful videos, but they’re meant for a more middle school and up aged audience.  However, if you’re searching for good videos for your younger children, be sure to check out FishFlix.com.  They have a whole section of their store just geared towards younger viewers.  (There are great things for Mom & Dad too!)

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