Truly Free {A BookLook Bloggers Review}

Truly Free

Do you sometimes have sins that you can’t seem to get past, no matter how hard you try?  Do you want to have victory in your life over those sins?  The new book Truly Free: Breaking the Snares That So Easily Entangle by Robert Morris takes the time to examine some of these sins and how we can achieve victory in our lives.

In this book, Morris discusses root causes behind sins.  He talks at length about demonic oppression, and he takes about sins in our lives such as pride, bitterness, greed and lust that give Satan and his minions the doorway into our lives.  Along the way, he gives many examples of these sins in his life, and tips how to begin to keep these sins from being something that ensnares you for life.

I really appreciated, in this book how Morris is so open with his his own struggles.  We all have struggles, and often we’re not willing to share them.  Our pride causes us to pretend that we’re better than we really are, and so we lose out on the blessing of truly encouraging others with our struggles and our victories.

I also really needed all the encouragement on mental talk and the importance of mediating on God’s word.  Often, I’m guilty of downing myself in a way that is totally unfitting and not how God sees me.  I needed to see his ideas for strategies for winning the battle in your mind.  After all, that’s where most sins begin.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, and I was not required to write a positive review.


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