This Week

This week was a very good week.  We started off with two field trips.  Our local art museum was having a school event called Civil War Comes Alive, so we went and learned more about the Civil War.  We also spent a ton of time in the children’s section of the museum because it was a calm oasis.  (The museum was really crowded with all the school kids, and I have a child who doesn’t do well with crowds.)

Civil War Comes Alive

We also went on a tour of a life size replica model of Moses’s tabernacle.  The tour guide spent a lot of time discussing the symbolism that the items in the tabernacle have for Christians, so it was a very interesting tour, and fit in perfectly with our Old Testament and Ancient Egypt history focus for this year!

Messiah's Mansion

It was also the perfect opportunity for Rose to try out her Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal.    She really enjoyed decorating a field trip page, and is calling this her new new scrapbook.   She was really into using it, especially using my sparkly gel pens.

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

All four children started using CTC Math this week.  Monkey and Owlet are both using the Kindergarten level, Rose is using 1st grade and Firecracker is using 4th grade, so I’m getting to see a wide variety of types of problems, and so far they seem to be really liking it.  I suspect that Rose might choose to go back to GPALoveMath after this review is finished, but I suspect the other children will stay with CTC Math.

CTC Math

Firecracker continued practicing his stick control exercises in the first unit technique section of Drums with Willie.  He’s been planning to get back to the lessons and work on rhythm for a couple of days, but we haven’t had time for a new lesson yet.  Next week I’m sure we will.


Firecracker also continued working on his Dynamic Literacy book this week.  We’ve been breaking compound words down until their pieces and making brand new compound words. it’s preparing us for the work that we’ll start doing over the next month or so.  I haven’t mentioned Orphs of the Woodlands in a week or two, but he’s still reading through it as  part of the same study time that he uses for Dynamic Literacy.

dynamic literacy

The big kids also continued working through their Fix-It Grammar! book.  We introduced the meaning of the homophones: there, their and they’re and continued finding nouns and writing our story.

Fix it grammar

We also finally got back to our Student Writing Intensive work.  They finished and revised their paragraph on sea snakes this week.  I’ve never seen such confidence and happiness in my children in their writing.  I’ve also never seen either one write a full paragraph before, so I’m very excited about the work we’re doing with this program.

Student Writing Intensive

We also worked on our Latina Christiana this week.  We learned about Romulus and the founding of Rome, and we finally did our lesson on workbook exercises in our workbooks.  If you’re observant, you’ll have noted that we’ve spent three weeks on the first week’s lesson.  I was beating myself up about it until we did the exercises and realized that they’re still not confident with the words and the work.  We’ll be doing our quiz on Monday and moving on, but we’re just moving at a slow pace, and I’m teaching myself to be okay with that.


Rose (and our kitty) worked through about a week’s worth of Spelling You See.  She does that and practices reading books such as Frog & Toad or any other beginning reader books to me as her individual language arts time each day.

spelling you see

We went to the library this week and returned books and got new ones.  They got a lot of books in series that they love, so it was a fun time for them.

This Week's Library Books

We used them for our morning reading time before we wrote in our journals.  Sometimes the children do copywork in here, and sometimes they write stories.  It just depends on the day, so I’m never sure what I’m going to see in there.  Occasionally, Firecracker even just writes about something he’s done.

literature time

The majority of the rest of our week has been taken up with Revolutionary Ideas.  The children are about midway through the study, and they’re enjoying it so much that we’ve set aside our regular history until we finish this.  This week we learned all about Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, the Townshend Acts and the Boston Massacre.  We’ve completed biography sheets, added to our timeline, and defined what a firebrand is.  We even realized that Patrick Henry was a great orator, and orator is one of our derivatives from our current Latin lesson, and that was a great way to make a connection with the children.  It wouldn’t be too strong to say that the Revolution is the current focus of our days and we’re doing our other subjects around the American Revolution topics that we want to cover.

Revolutionary War

I think that’s about it for this week.  It was very busy and productive.  I didn’t get a lot done with Monkey and Owlet, but they did book and journal time with us, worked on math and watched some Liberty’s Kids, so it was a pretty good week for them as well  🙂  Owlet also worked on the Alphabet Song Game and finished all 100 online brain training exercises on La La Logic, so she’s really working hard with the online learning.


2 thoughts on “This Week

    1. Sometimes when I go out with him I wonder “why did I bother” because he’ll be so miserable. I was glad we were able to find a quiet place at the museum 🙂

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