This Week

This week is a week where you can clearly see that we’re making a transition to some new curriculum.   Most of it is for reviews that are coming up in a few weeks, so I may not be sharing all for a few weeks.  However I have some curriculum posts that I’m going to be writing over the next month or two to be able to share with you guys what resources are going to be making it into our daily schedule.

So, getting on with this week.  We had a fun field trip to a local farm nearby.  They taught us about their milk production and egg washing.  We had lunch there and played on their playground, making the better part of a day of the whole endeavor.  It was a nice way to spend a spring day, and Owlet has been telling everyone she’s talked to this week how much fun she had petting the baby cows and going down the bumpy slide.

Carlton Farms

The children have also continued to have their literacy hour together this week.  I”m starting to see a couple of them spend a little time writing actual journal entries and creative writing during this time.  One of them is still doing mostly copywork with this time, but I’m determined (for right now) to make it a time where they can do what they want to do with words, so they’re all enjoying adding to their notebooks each day.

Literacy Hour

Another thing all the children have enjoyed working on this week is drawing our own Pokemon with the Pokemon drawing tutorials that are all over You Tube.  We’ve been using them as a fun activity/break from more difficult subjects.


This week for science Firecracker did an experiment on determining acids and bases using red cabbage juice.  This is something that came up a week or two ago in the Orphs of the Woodlands book he’s been reading, and we finally made time to actually try out the experiment.  (He’s still plugging away with the program as well.)

Acids and Bases

He’s also been continuing to practice his drums and work through a few patterns of drum and  stick control exercises and patterns with Drums with Wille.  I think all the other kids (and Hubby too!) have played around with the drums, but Firecracker is the one learning the patterns and doing the drum exercises.

drums with willie

Firecracker also has a new product in that he’s using from Dynamic Literacy.  He’s started their Foundations Level 1 material, and right now he’s in the beginning basics workbook where he is learning how to change out pieces of compound words.  He seems to really like it so far.

dynamic literacy

We continued with our Revolutionary Ideas unit study this week.  Really we mostly focused on figuring out where the thirteen colonies were on a map and we read some material from a great read-aloud.  The little kids decided to be pirates while we made maps, and they made their own treasure maps.

Colony Map

We also started using Fix It! Grammar this week.  I’m already converted.  It’s just a sentence a day, and seems so easy and gentle for daily practice.  Rose is already interested in hearing more about the story, and Firecracker just likes that it’s easy grammar!

fix it grammar

Speaking of IEW products, We have two more that we started using this week.  I started using the new edition of the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style and the children began using Student Writing Intensive Level A.  They’ve already decided that they love Mr. P. and I’m pretty sure that I do too.  I’ve only listened to a little of the TWSS DVDs for me and some of the bonus audio material that I received as part of the premium subscription, but he now is numbered as one of my new sources for homeschooling encouragement and teacher development.

I love the techniques he’s teaching them in writing and that I’ll be reinforcing over the next few weeks, so getting the opportunity to do these courses with them makes me a happy girl.  I also should add that it provided some some science for us for the week, as we’ve learned about sea snakes as part of our writing time this week.


The big kids have also been continuing to so slowly work through Latina Christiana together. I’m working ever so slowly because I want to include Rose in with Firecracker, and she’s just slightly below the recommended age range for the program, so it takes her a little longer to get everything.


Rose has continued to work on her Spelling You See book.  She’s on week 11 of the program, and I really am starting to see progress in her spelling in that she’s attempting to spell three (and sometimes even four) letter words on her own.

spelling you see

She and I also spent some art time together painting watercolor butterflies.  This was also a fantastic opportunity for us to discuss symmetry.

Watercolor Butterflies I also read to all four children about the invention of the straw because we’re doing (as our main science for right now) a unit study on Inventors and Their Inventions.  I’m mostly reading the stories and using the discussion questions while offering additional projects to interested students.

This week Rose took me up on my offer of an additional project as she was motivated to create her own model of a straw using duct tape and printer paper.  She must have made 10 straw models this week to keep improving on her design.  It did my heart good to see her so motivated 🙂


The preschoolers continued working through the online portion of the La La Logic curriculum that I reviewed last week.    I’ve been allowing them free play over the last couple of weeks because I’ve been so busy with other reviews, but I’ll be back to working through the enrichment activities with them over the next couple of weeks.

La La Logic

They also were using their First Start Reading books this week to learn more about the letter F and the sound it makes.

First Start Reading I also started a family Bible study of Isaiah 53 from The Doorposts Blog to be our summer Bible study.  We really talked about honor and suffering this week, and hammered it home with all four children.

The other picture in this collage is one of my handsome hubby working hard on a logo for our Church’s vacation Bible school next month.  I just couldn’t resist taking a picture 🙂


I guess that’s about it for this week.  We learned more about the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period in Egypt on our history program, but I didn’t have anything I took pictures of this week.  I’ve started wrapping up this “school year” in my head and planning for the next one, which makes it such a fun time of year 🙂

What have you guys been up to?


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